Family Membership Enhance Customer Experience


Customer loyalty is a critical element to creating intangible value in a business. Many enterprises from different industries regularly attribute significant portions of their revenue to loyalty programs aiming to keep customers coming back, increase customer stickiness and finally improve and drive sales.


While there are many types of loyalty programs on the market, not many of them offer family membership. This will restrict members to gain rewards and enjoy them as a family. Common household family members include spouse and children. When a father gets a family membership from a recreation club, he will expect his family members can get the most out of his membership. Apart from using facilities and enjoying catering services with member discounts, he will also expect his family members are allowed to earn bonus points individually, if any, and look forward to enjoying more rewards, faster together as a family.


“Family Membership” concept may also apply to car beauty and pet health industries. With a family account, maintenance records of all “member” vehicles or medical history of all “member” cats and dogs can be centralized under the same account, which helps deliver excellent customer experience.


To merchants, they can create marketing campaigns that tailored to core benefits for family as a whole and at the same time special programs for individual members with different spending power which will then lead to higher spending from a family.