Retail - Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables, being essential for the general public’s daily needs, are consumed frequently and create an attractive market opportunity. In the digital age, traditional small merchants aspiring to enter the fresh food retail sector must adapt by utilizing applications, intelligent hardware devices, and data analysis tools. This enables them to effectively manage various aspects such as fresh product quality, order and inventory management, loss control, and pricing strategies. By leveraging these tools, small merchants can enhance the market competitiveness of their stores.


Merchants are adopting modern smart POS systems and establishing digital connections with electronic scales, electronic payment platforms, and delivery platforms. By utilizing these technologies, they simplify their operations in the fresh food retail industry.


When setting up their goods, merchants can easily synchronize the product names, codes, and unit prices of fresh fruits and vegetables to the POS and electronic scales by simply importing an Excel file. This eliminates the need for extensive manual input, saving valuable time and effort. Typically, when purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk, merchants use scales to measure the weight and determine the corresponding price during packaging. They then print barcode price tags and attach them to the outer packaging bags. During checkout, the scanner reads the barcode price tags, allowing the POS system to instantly identify the product code, price, and weight. This streamlined process enables customers to choose electronic payment methods. As the transaction is completed, the system automatically deducts the sold goods from the inventory, greatly improving the overall operational efficiency of the store.


In addition, the seamless connection between the POS system and the delivery platform opens up new opportunities for fruit shop sales, expanding their reach and customer base.


Through the implementation of smart POS systems, store owners have the ability to collect data and analyze the consumption patterns of fresh fruits and vegetables. This invaluable information can be accessed conveniently on their smartphones, allowing them to identify popular products and ensure timely restocking. Moreover, store owners can develop targeted promotion plans and loyalty programs based on customer preferences and needs, leveraging this knowledge to enhance customer engagement and expand sales. By offering rewards and incentives, they can foster customer loyalty, ultimately leading to increased profits.



Our areas of expertise:

Need Analysis

  • Using price computing scale to bill by weight at POS.
  • Design and print barcode labels for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Integrate with online shop to enable online/offline selling, allowing customers to buy online and collect or deliver offline.
  • Chain store back office purchase and transfer product items according to sales of each shop.
  • Sync all member and product information to share among all shops.
  • Distribute coupons to encourage repeat purchases or allow customers to send to friends as gifts to achieve conversion effects.
  • Stock take the mass volume of product items by mobile phone or export product list to Excel files.
  • Require API integration with ERP and accounting system.


Retail POS
Streamline the operation of shop, provide real time business reports, replenish stock and facilitate promotion campaigns.
Promotion Engine
300+ promotion rules to help drive customer engagement and sales, reduce backlog, launch new products, strengthen product images and develop brand identity.
Loyalty Membership
Support stored value benefits, bonus points, coupon management, automatic membership upgrade, downgrade, activate and deactivate.
Coupon Engine
Issue a variety of cash or gift coupons, support the purchase of coupons with bonus points, and use coupons to pay upon purchase or redeem gifts on multi-channels.
Integrated function that support various credit cards, Octopus, WeChat Pay, AliPay, FPS and Macau e-payment methods.
Cloud Back Office
Manage and handle all types of work transactions any time anywhere on any devices available.
Inventory & Cost Control System
Integrated management of inventory processes including purchase, transfer, replenishment, stock take across the whole business network.
Cloud Reports
Access overall business data and statistics on the go with mobile devices any time anywhere.
API Integration
Highly scalable, API integration with online shop, accounting system, inventory system and ERP.
Cloud Stock Take
Stock take by mobile phone, move around easily and save hardware cost.
Barcode Printing
According to your business needs, incorporate colour, size, weight or selling price to barcode and print barcode labels with your own design.
Integration With Scale
Support digital weighing scale be it a barcode labeling scale or price computing scale


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