iPad POS+QR Code Ordering Seamless Experience

Similar to our desktop POS, eRun’s iPad POS offers comprehensive functionality to effectively manage your restaurant operations. From order placement and kitchen slip printing to e-payment processing, member rewards, promotional campaigns, cloud-based reporting, food cost control, and even staff monitoring, our iPad POS covers it all.


The lightweight and portable design of our cloud-based iPad POS empowers restaurant staff to efficiently handle customer orders with ease. Additionally, the integration of QR code ordering systems adds a touch of style and technology to the dining experience. Customers can conveniently use their mobile phones to scan QR codes, place food orders, and seamlessly complete payment transactions, enhancing their overall comfort while enjoying their meals.

Boosts sales with takeaway platform integration

The compact iPad POS seamlessly integrates with intelligent systems and platforms, providing restaurants with a powerful tool. With eRun’s cloud-based iPad POS, restaurants located near bustling commercial buildings can leverage its robust API interface to establish smooth connections with takeaway platforms. This integration enables restaurants to effortlessly handle online advance orders and offer convenient breakfast and lunch takeaways, catering specifically to the needs of office elites in busy business districts. As a result, restaurants experience increased turnover and attract a wider customer base.


Moreover, by centralizing the management of online and offline orders in the cloud, restaurants alleviate their staff from the challenges of switching between platforms and duplicating tasks. This streamlined approach optimizes operations, expands sales channels, and significantly enhances overall work efficiency for restaurants.

Cloud and ePayment solutions

eRun’s iPad POS, being cloud-based, offers quick deployment and safeguards your data with automatic backups. For startup restaurants, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution helps save upfront investment costs.


The iPad POS seamlessly integrates with various electronic payment methods, including Macau Pass, MPay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay and Yunshanfu,. Whether your restaurant is located in Hong Kong, other Bay Area cities, or serving cross-border customers, this unified payment experience ensures a consistent and convenient transaction process, making customers feel right at home.

Cloud-based management empowering chain restaurants

In addition to order placement, our iPad POS provides convenient access to the cloud-based back office, allowing you to manage product pricing, purchasing, stock, and workflow processes anytime, anywhere.


By leveraging the power of iPad POS and accessing the cloud-based backend, chain restaurants can efficiently handle various operational aspects with ease. This includes omni-channel sales, inventory management, loyalty programs, promotions, as well as data analysis and reporting. The iPad POS system seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, accounting systems, and other business platforms, streamlining processes and optimizing operational efficiency. This integrated approach creates a work experience that maximizes results while minimizing effort for employees.

Scalable and connected for expanding enterprises

Harnessing the capabilities of cloud technology, we offer a highly scalable POS solution designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and licensing companies, supporting your expansion requirements. Our iPad POS, along with the Back Office, seamlessly communicates across all shops, enabling real-time centralized management at local or global levels for your expanded operations.


eRun’s iPad POS seamlessly integrates with various e-payment processing hardware, kitchen printers, and display devices, providing you with a stable and comprehensive cloud-based POS experience on the iPad. We continuously embrace technology to deliver powerful POS and connected Back Office Systems that simplify restaurant operations.


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