F&B - Food Inventory & Cost Control System

eRun is continuously focused on addressing the unique needs of the food & beverage industry. This Back Office System for F&B industry provides the end-to-end visibility you need across purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing and sales to support your comprehensive cost and profit analysis. The visibility is critical for F&B enterprises seeking to focus on their most valuable products and consider dropping their unprofitable products.

HKICT Award 2018

We are honoured that eRun Inventory & Cost Control System for Food & Beverage Industry was recognized as the Gold Award winner of Smart Business Solution for SME by the esteemed judging panel of the HKICT Awards 2018. The award recognized our commitment to excellence in providing our customers with innovation, user-centric proactive POS management capabilities.

Beneficial to SME

With our sharp senses in understanding the industry’s practices we build an easy-to-interpret dashboard on smart phone for SME owners to check any time anywhere the real time cost level of their restaurants. By the dashboard, if they find out during the month that food costs are higher than the desired levels, they can immediately adjust dishes and menu to compensate for the food costs and keep their profit margins.

Support Central Kitchen

eRun’s scalability is empowered by a cost engine which supports the operation of central kitchen, warehouse and food factory. We are able to handle complicated weight and volume unit exchange, accept pack and unpack, support transactions like wastage, write-off, tasting and return. eRun allows you to import and export bulk production information by Excel files to minimize human errors.

Food Recipe

Food recipe helps specify what ingredients are used in making the final product. eRun offers you this functionality to accurately track where the ingredients are used, how many are required and how many are on hand. The system has the capability to provide you with up to 5 levels of recipes so that you can maintain an accurate list of required ingredients for tracking raw materials as they are used to create finished or semi-finished products. It also helps to identify the need to adjust ordering amounts before the raw materials inventory gets dangerously low or is inflated to an unfavorable level.

Consumption Analysis

Consumption analysis reports will be generated automatically upon EOD every day at your front end shops. The information will be transferred to back office analytical tool and is then translated into meaningful information that helps you monitor, track and control your critical food production activities. You can specify to view raw materials consumed during a particular period of time by products sold or choose to check how a particular item is used among different finished or semi-finished products.

Stock Take

Carrying out regular inventory check among daily hectic schedules in restaurants is stressful. Our stock take app on mobile phone can ease the task. The mobility of smart phone enables staff to move around scanning barcodes of goods. Data scanned will be sent to restaurant’s central back office immediately generating real time reports. It is a great convenience to monitor inventory level in restaurants.

Cloud replenishment

When food inventory shortages are spotted after stocktaking, shop staff can use cloud back office on smart phone to send stock requests to management for approval of replenishment, ensuring that there is always sufficient food supply in store. At the back office or central warehouse, eRun will assist you to consolidate all stock requests by suppliers and generate purchase orders ready to be sent out, saving your duplicated input.

Visual Reporting

When information of purchase, usage and stock level of food materials is synchronized at back office system, eRun will then calculate food cost of every dish in details. Visual reports generated will enable restaurant management to know if food cost will exceed budget. eRun will help restaurant owners to know in a logical manner what immediate action should be taken to adjust food menu that cut down food cost before it becomes out of control.


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