Retail - Cloud POS

eRun’s Cloud POS has all the functions to meet the requirements of retailers from different trades and allows you to link up frontend with back office seamlessly through Internet.  With high stability & reliability, the Cloud POS saves your upfront investment on hardware and can be deployed quickly.

Reliable data backup

As cloud servers are provided and administered by professional cloud service providers, you can enjoy security and protection by enterprise-scale firewalls and encryption technology, quick disaster recovery and full cloud data backup.

Save upfront hardware cost

Cloud POS can be run on sleek iPad or best affordable android tablets.  Easy deployment, little upfront investment on both hardware and time.  Let you start your business quickly in a short time.

Patch update or version upgrade

The patch update or version upgrade of Cloud POS can be done on cloud server without affect the frontend operation.

Seamless connection with peripheral hardware

eRun Cloud POS is compatible with different e-payment processing hardware, scanners, receipt printers and label printers.  The seamless connection between eRun Cloud POS and the hardware helps to improve your operational agility.

Capable to support large-scale operation

Day-to-day operation of any chain enterprise of comparable complexity needs a POS solution that can provide diversified functions to link up the work processes of frontend shops with its back office.  eRun offers a combination of Cloud and client server POS capabilities to handle your sales, inventory, membership management, cost control, business data analysis from sales channels like online shops, specialty shops, counters at department stores, exhibition booths or pop-up shops, ensuring you will have a streamlined business operation.

SaaS solution to save cost

For small retailers or start-up companies, eRun provides SaaS solution to allow them to use Cloud POS by monthly payment, reducing their burden on initial investment.


Just paying a few hundred dollars a month retailers can enjoy using eRun’s SaaS POS in a minute as installation is quick and easy.  Hardware that needed will be an iPad, a receipt printer and a cash drawer.  Shop owners may choose to use e-payment to avoid cash contact or e-receipt to stay environmental friendly.  For those who wish to connect with their online shops, they may consider paying a little more for O2O integration.

High scalability to meet business expansion

As your small business continues to grow big with chain outlets, the high scalability of eRun Cloud POS can meet the needs of your expansion plan, helping you to ensure profitability.


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