Hong Kong’s coffee culture is thriving, with an average person consuming around 250 cups of coffee per year. Chain and independent coffee shops have flourished throughout the city to meet the high demand. In neighboring Shenzhen, there are nearly 10,000 coffee-related companies, making it the leading coffee hub in the country. To stay competitive, coffee shops focus on providing customers with a delightful dining experience through personalized cafe styles and high-quality coffee and snacks. Some establishments have embraced technological tools like lightweight and portable cloud-based iPad POS systems to assist employees in easily and swiftly taking orders. Additionally, scan-code ordering systems add a trendy and tech-forward touch to the coffee shop ambiance.


The compact iPad POS becomes an essential weapon for coffee shops in the competitive Greater Bay Area market when it seamlessly interfaces with mainstream e-payment platforms, business solutions, and delivery platforms. This integration allows coffee shops to not only provide customers with a high-quality experience but also easily receive and manage online orders on the cloud, merging them with offline orders for unified management. By broadening sales channels and streamlining processes, operational efficiency is improved, enabling employees to achieve more with less effort.


With the emerging “two-way rush” in the Greater Bay Area, the coffee markets of Hong Kong and Shenzhen hold immense future development potential. If you’re a new coffee shop business looking to capitalize on the opportunities in the Bay Area, eRun can assist you in swiftly setting up a cost-effective cloud-based iPad POS.



Need Analysis

  • iPad POS, e-payment, and one-stop cloud management bring a tech-forward touch to cafes.
  • Most of the customers are expecting a peace and quiet environment with self-ordering services.
  • Need diverse promotion plans to attract new customers.
  • Use membership benefits such as discounts and stored value to retain loyal customers.
  • Issue coupons to encourage repeat purchases or allow customers to send to friends as gifts to achieve conversion effects.
  • Choice of location is in the vicinity of office building to offer takeaway and delivery services.
  • Food preparation using eco-friendly digital kitchen display system.
  • Control coffee inventory orderly with cloud replenishment work flow.


User-friendly, feature-rich, easy and simple installation and updates, help streamline operation and enhance customer satisfaction.
Customer Scan-to-Order
Update menu in real time, simplify daily operations, save manpower yet enhance customer service.
Promotion Engine
300+ promotion rules to help drive customer engagement and sales, reduce backlog, launch new products, strengthen product images and develop brand identity.
Loyalty Membership
Support stored value benefits, bonus points, coupon management, automatic membership upgrade, downgrade, activate and deactivate.
Coupon Engine
Issue a variety of cash or gift coupons, support the purchase of coupons with bonus points, and use coupons to pay upon purchase or redeem gifts on multi-channels.
Integrated function that support various credit cards, Octopus, WeChat Pay, AliPay, FPS and Macau e-payment methods.
Delivery Platform Integration
Seamless integrated with delivery platforms like foodpanda, Deliveroo, sending online orders to kitchen immediately and error-free.
Kitchen Display System
Modern, eco-friendly, paperless helping kitchen staff to route and track orders effectively, improving quality, accuracy and speed.
Cloud Reports
Access overall business data and statistics on the go with mobile devices any time anywhere.
Inventory & Cost Control System
Integrated management of inventory processes including purchase, transfer, replenishment, stock take across the whole business network.


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