Mixed Mode

Supermarket with food catering stall is a popular business mode of “retail + food”. Other examples like book store with café or café with gift and souvenir shop are great attractions to young consumers too for the unique combination of fun in shopping. While entrepreneurs continue to explore the synergy between food and retail mode of business, they are considering carefully how to choose the right POS solutions to help them optimize the results and improve operational efficiency.

Different POS Solutions To Meet Your Needs

eRun’s POS management system provides functions and features that facilitate selling at retails shops and order placing at restaurants. They are empowered to sell or place order anytime anywhere on any device, be it a desktop PC, an iPad, an Android tablet or even a mobile phone. No matter the POS is running on Windows, iOS or Android platform eRun offers the same easy-to-use user interface to make frontend service more effective.

Connect all sales and inventory information

We connect all transactions from your restaurants, retail stores, online shops and delivery platforms to your back office so that every channel can keep track of orders and stock levels all in real time. The company-wide updated inventory helps you know accurately what to replenish, reorder and not to run out of ingredients or miss out on sales. You can also set minimum stock levels for raw materials or product items which will automatically remind you to place new purchase orders promptly.

Synchronize member information real time

Synchronizing all your member information from both retail shops and restaurants and give you the greatest synergy to optimize your results for your complex business mode of “food + retail”. Through mixing and matching membership discount and promotion configurations across your businesses you can expand your customer base. Their bonus points will be updated real time facilitating accurate redemptions. We compile and summarize member consumption reports of both retail shops and restaurants for you to review which help you fulfill your service commitment to members.

Effective promotion rules for all channels

To build customer loyalty, you need a robust promotion engine carrying 300+ flexible promotion rules to help you engage customers both from retail shops and restaurants with various types of incentives. You can mix and match effective promotion and discount programs across your businesses to drive customer engagement and ring up more sales.

Cloud reports covering all sales channels

eRun put together business data of your retail shops and restaurants to generate real time cloud reports for you to read and review anytime anywhere. Billboards and visual charts to show how each of your mode of business is doing in relation to today’s sales, monthly and yearly targets are also at your fingertips. eRun allows you to set up authorized access to view business reports by each of your business management to protect data confidentiality.

Monitor inventory of all sales points

eRun helps you to track and manage the flow of goods across your entire business including retail stores and restaurants. You can get accurate information on items and ingredients received, on hand, sold, on-order and in-transit and the precise valuation and status of items and ingredients remaining in inventory at any point in time. Replenishment can be set as automatic that creates purchase orders based on sales level or definable minimum stock levels.

Mobile stock take

Carrying out regular inventory check among daily hectic schedules is stressful especially for mixed mode of business. eRun offers different convenient stock take methods for retailers to verify the physical quantities of items or ingredients held in inventory and determine a cutoff point. eRun Mobile Stock Take on smart phones enable you to move around freely scanning barcodes of goods. Wirelessly connected to cloud back office, the system generates inventory reports real time giving you the greatest convenience.

Cloud stock replenishment

When inventory shortages are spotted after stocktaking, shop staff can use cloud back office on smart phone to send stock requests to management for approval of replenishment. Simply select the product items or ingredients that in need and send the request with a single click, they can easily ensure that there is always sufficient product supply in store.


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