Retail - Back Office Work Flow

This is a powerful Back Office System provided by eRun to help you centralize control of transactions, material and inventory across your whole business network. It keeps your data, bills, inventory and cost up-to-date at all times by real time synchronization, giving you reliable access to timely, secure and accurate information.

Cloud back office

Our Back Office System is a cloud-based solution providing you with flexibilities and thus enhancing operational efficiencies to continue business remotely or at a safe distance under whatever situation. You can create, edit and delete all your staff user accounts, customers, suppliers, products and categories across your entire organization.


You can also process workflow of all types of transactions, whether it is purchase, transfer, deposit or delivery, return sales, stock replenishment, wastage or adjustment, pack and unpack and even food recipe. You just work as usual wherever you are and get your work down anywhere.


Cloud stock replenishment

When inventory shortages are spotted after stocktaking, shop staff can use cloud back office on smart phone to send stock requests to management for approval of replenishment.


Simply select the product items that in need and send the request with a single click, they can easily ensure that there is always sufficient product supply in store.


Combo item list

eRun provides you with a complete multi-layer combo list so that you can accurately set down the items and quantities you need for each combo, assisting you to check and re-stock inventory level. You can also add in packaging materials in the list to monitor material usage status. consumption plan stock refill.


eRun also allows you to build up correct relationships of measuring units and pricing of product items, enabling you to get accurate product cost for inventory valuation.


Monitor inventory of all sales points

eRun helps you to track and manage the flow of goods cross your entire organization including retail stores, online shops, counters in department stores, exhibition booths, pop-up stores and consignment counters. You can get accurate information on items received, on hand, sold, on-order and in-transit and the precise valuation and status of items remaining in inventory at any point in time.


Replenishment can be set as automatic that creates purchase orders based on sales level or definable minimum stock levels.


Logical design of work flow

The logical design of our work flow fully meets your business needs, helping you to improve operational efficiency. At the back office, eRun work flow will guide you to follow logical steps to create, amend or duplicate bills, helping you to avoid human errors which may affect your inventory accuracy.

Multi-dimensional product attributes

You are provided with detailed stock movement reports, accurate records of wastage, write-off or other disposition of items. All inventory information is multidimensional – by color, size, style and other user-defined attributes. You can also easily track items by its barcode, product code or reference number provided by supplier.


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