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As the economy and culture rapidly advance, milk tea perfectly aligns with the consumption preferences of contemporary customers who seek fashionable, delightful, nutritious, and leisurely food options. Whether it’s shopping, watching movies, or visiting amusement parks, one can spot pedestrians across various locations savoring their cup of milk tea. Milk tea preferences vary across regions, with each area boasting its own popular varieties. Hong Kong tea restaurants are renowned for their classic pantyhose milk tea. China introduced Heytea as a trailblazer in the tea industry while Europe and the United States offer exquisite high-standard afternoon tea experiences. Drinking milk tea has become deeply ingrained in people’s daily routines, forming a cherished habit. The overwhelming market demand has fueled the vibrant and ongoing growth of the milk tea industry.


In today’s milk tea industry, customers prioritize not only price but also factors like product quality, brand reputation, and takeaway services. This implies that milk tea shops must strive for operational and management breakthroughs while ensuring the excellence of their products. When implementing an intelligent POS system, it should efficiently manage a diverse range of milk tea product series, various specifications, and capacity settings. Additionally, it should offer flavor modifications to cater to the unique tastes of customers.



To expand their milk tea shop business, it is crucial for the POS system to integrate with takeaway platforms, providing online customers with convenient takeaway services. Moreover, organizing promotional and reward activities plays a vital role in increasing revenue. By seamlessly embedding the promotion and membership management system into the smart POS, significant improvements in business performance can be achieved. Self-ordering, a popular service among young customers, allows them to place orders by scanning QR code or leaflets in-store and conveniently opt for environmental friendly electronic payment methods. These technological experiences greatly enhance the reputation of milk tea shops while ensuring efficient store operations.


eRun POS presents a comprehensive solution that facilitates the implementation of all the functions and management advantages mentioned. Our expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge digital management solutions to the milk tea industry, staying at the forefront of innovation. Leveraging our advanced technological capabilities, we empower milk tea shops with amplified marketing potential and a competitive advantage that exceeds expectations.

Need Analysis

  • A wide range of milk tea products requiring diverse capacity options and specifications.
  • Customers prefer technological experiences e.g. QR code self-ordering and electronic payment methods.
  • Cloud-based iPad POS saves space and boosts work efficiency by enabling constant online connectivity for employees.
  • Attract new customers with diverse promotions like buy one get one free, half-priced second cup, and new flavor discounts.
  • Connect to takeaway platforms seamlessly to increase sales and reduce employee workload duplication.
  • Membership system provides member discounts, fostering loyalty and retaining dedicated fans.
  • Issue coupons to incentivize repeat purchases and offering gift exchanges to drive conversion effects.
  • Allow customers to access accurate bonus point and buying history information across all multi-channels.
  • Effectively manage inventory and promptly communicate replenishment needs to the backend system, ensuring an ample supply of milk tea raw materials.
  • Offer flavor modifications to cater to customer preferences like reduced sweetness, customized ice levels, and a variety of topping options.
  • Cup stickers are necessary for labeling milk tea cups.


User-friendly, feature-rich, easy and simple installation and updates, help streamline operation and enhance customer satisfaction.
Runs on Any Device Any Platform
The system runs on any device any platform, utilizing existing equipment from the restaurant, employees, or even hardware left by previous store tenants, leading to cost savings in hardware investments.
Customer Scan-to-Order
Update menu in real time, simplify daily operations, save manpower yet enhance customer service.
Loyalty Membership
Support stored value benefits, bonus points, coupon management, automatic membership upgrade, downgrade, activate and deactivate.
Promotion Engine
300+ promotion rules to help drive customer engagement and sales, reduce backlog, launch new products, strengthen product images and develop brand identity.
Coupon Engine
Issue a variety of cash or gift coupons, support the purchase of coupons with bonus points, and use coupons to pay upon purchase or redeem gifts on multi-channels.
Integrated function that support various credit cards, Octopus, WeChat Pay, AliPay, FPS and Macau e-payment methods.
Delivery Platform Integration
Seamless integrated with delivery platforms like foodpanda, Deliveroo, sending online orders to kitchen immediately and error-free.
Cloud Back Office
Manage and handle all types of work transactions any time anywhere on any devices available.
Inventory & Cost Control System
Integrated management of inventory processes including purchase, transfer, replenishment, stock take across the whole business network.
Cloud Reports
Access overall business data and statistics on the go with mobile devices any time anywhere.
Kitchen Printing
Modern, eco-friendly, paperless helping kitchen staff to route and track orders effectively, improving quality, accuracy and speed.


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