Automatic rule-based menu update

eRun offers the most flexible rule-based menu update to help restaurants to pre-set menu for meals of a day, weekends and special occassions. You just need to pre-set the date and time, and eRun will switch them on automatically according to the rules. You can even pre-set price or service fee increase for festival holidays. All updates are automatic and easier.

Different menu pricing for different channels

We support you to have different pricing for a single menu, whether the food items are sold on delivery platforms, different shops, different zones or floors in the same shop. To chain corporations, eRun helps them to set different pricing for different regions to match operation needs or marketing plans.

Mix & match

You can allow customers to mix and match any food or drink item to combo meals. Our promotion engine will calculate the price reduction automatically. Discounts offered through promotion rules can be a percentage off or based on dollar amount. Details of promotion rule discounts will be clearly listed on customer receipt.


eRun allows you to categorize combo items like appetizer, main course, dessert and drink and specify required quantity to ensure mistake-free. You can set default items for a combo. eRun also let you place partial orders for combos without printing to kitchen to smooth out operation hinderance.

Food images

You can attach food images to the menu to assist accurate order placing. eRun allows you to set item limit and will remind you of item balance. For high end restaurants, you can also set serving order to enhance customer satisfaction.


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