F&B - Membership System & Promotion Engine

Our membership system is loaded with features to maximize your effectiveness in driving customer engagement and sales. You can expand your customer base with a QR code, combine discounts and coupons to appeal to your guests and your markets.

Scalable To Grow With You

eRun is scalable to meet your restaurant’s expansion. From a single shop to chain outlets or multiple brands, you can be certain that customer discounts and privileges are applicable across the entire enterprise. All member information and loyalty programs can be centralized and managed at back office. This enable you to deliver loyalty programs effortlessly.

Retain High-Value Customers

Set up QR code at restaurant or online ordering system and get customers to scan and register as your members. eRun allows you to upgrade members or extend their memberships according to expenses or buying frequency automatically. You can also identify and group customers by demographics, expenses or product preferences and create targeted loyalty programs to drive stronger engagement.

A Variety of Options To Reward Your Customers

You can preset over 100 rules to offer to your customers with discounts, bonus points, tier-based benefits, redemption of food items or birthday gifts for customer retention and continued loyalty. We also allow you to offer stored value benefits or cash coupons to customers for future purchases.

Reward Coupons

Issue coupons to your customers to generate greater customer engagement. You can issue cash, discount rate or item coupons, or pair coupons with promotion rules to drive sales. Coupons are numbered and can be issued to customers via member app.

Build Interactive Relationship With Customers By Member App

Seamlessly integrated with POS, the mobile app allows customers to register as members upon online ordering, driving greater loyalty participation. It also makes rewards easy to understand and gifts convenient to redeem. Member customers can view and track account balances, visit history, bonus point balances and expiry dates any time anywhere while you can send notifications promptly to keep members up to date of your latest offerings, sales promotion or any other special events.

Improve Business Outcomes By Leveraging Customer Data

Using analytics to interpret your customers’ consumption behaviours and to gain insight to plan future business strategies is vital. eRun provides visual reports of customer visit frequency, biggest spending customers, coupon status etc to measure the effectiveness of loyalty activities. You can view and track members’ bonus point balances, stored value account balances or visit history wherever you are and whichever device you are using.

Mix & Match and Promotion Rules

The food & beverage industry is complex, challenging and yet competition is constantly fierce. eRun enables you to create effective promotion campaigns in this highly dynamic environment to get more business with its powerful promotion engine.


You can allow customers to mix and match any food or drink item to combo meals. Our promotion engine will calculate the price reduction automatically. Discounts offered through promotion rules can be a percentage off or based on dollar amount. Details of promotion rule discounts will be clearly listed on customer receipt.


Our promotion engine offers 300+ all-round and comprehensive promotion rules with preferential conditions based on food item, food category, date, time, shop or festivals, flexible enough to allow you to formulate a wide range of promotion activities.


The engine is user-friendly supporting you with an easy-to-use interface to set promotion rules. You can preset rules to apply to any single restaurant, all chain outlets or specified shops. Make use of promotion rules to apply different service fees or discounts at different time slots. Set effective date and number of times for the rules. Or pair rules with cash coupons and privilege cards. You can also utilize level discounts to encourage customers into consuming more food, raising the average order value.


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