Support 20+ kitchen printers

We support the configurations of up to 20 different kitchen printers, providing error-free logic of flexible printing to small single shop, medium Chinese or Western style restaurants and even large-sized kitchen.

Integrated with delivery platforms

Our POS is seamlessly integrated with popular food delivery platforms like foodpanda, Deliveroo, and Openrice. Customers can access the restaurant menu and place orders anywhere any time on whatever platform they choose. Once they pay online, the orders will be confirmed by restaurant staff, sending messages to kitchen for food preparation and delivery. The entire process is highly efficient and productivity.

Label printing

In bubble tea shops, eRun is able to print promptly a sticker label once an order is placed at the frontend or print it at the time the bubble tea is made at the kitchen. Both ways can help bubble tea shops to increase operation efficiency and reduce human errors.

Kitchen display system

This environmental friendly feature allows you to track orders taken, time how long dishes are cooked, confirm orders completed, manage and monitor kitchen printing neatly. Our design enables SME restaurants to use the system on iPad or any inexpensive tablets. An advanced function of the system allows chefs to display orders by dish or food material, increasing productivity and efficiency in the kitchen.


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