Membership System

eRun presents an innovative membership system specifically crafted to meet the distinct requirements of diverse retail and food & beverage companies. Our cutting-edge solution empowers businesses to implement advanced and inventive membership management models that align seamlessly with their long-term growth strategies. With the inclusion of three powerful discount engines, characterized by their flexibility and user-friendly nature, eRun’s membership system revolutionizes and automates membership management for businesses. This intelligent approach comprehensively and efficiently boosts customer acquisition, fosters loyalty, and drives profitability. By leveraging our solution, retail and food & beverage businesses can thrive in the digital era, delivering exceptional customer experiences while achieving remarkable success.

Connect Customers With a Single Platform

eRun’s membership system is built with a primary focus on unified customer management. Its meticulous design enables enterprises to achieve real-time synchronization of member information across multiple points of sale on a single platform. This capability not only efficiently handles the large volume of daily customer data but also streamlines market promotion efforts. By eliminating the need to search for member information across various channels, the system provides strong support for seamless interactions between businesses and members, fostering a strong sense of loyalty among members.

Input Information Once, Sync Instantly


eRun’s loyalty system excels in data synchronization, ensuring seamless integration of member data from various channels with a single input. This efficient approach significantly reduces the burden of employees switching between multiple platforms and repetitive tasks. Members can conveniently access their membership information, points, membership levels, and historical data anytime, whether it’s through online platform or offline sales points. This optimization of the membership experience fosters increased brand loyalty among members, encouraging them to spend more.

Multi-channel Synergy

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, brand-member interactions have become fragmented across various online and offline touchpoints. To address this challenge, eRun’s membership system seamlessly integrates multiple sales points and omni-channels, enabling effective member marketing across every channel. This multi-channel interoperability not only enhances the efficacy of member marketing, achieving greater results with less effort, but also ensures members enjoy a seamless and consistent high-quality service experience from the company.

Cloud-based 360° Member Data Analysis

Cloud mobile reports utilize real-time synchronization technology to assist enterprises in monitoring and analyzing business data extensively. With intuitive performance dashboards and visually-rich charts accessible on mobile devices, corporate management can view these reports anytime anywhere. These membership reports encompass crucial data like membership analysis, activity analysis, and sales analysis, enabling management to promptly understand the outcomes of their membership marketing strategy. The availability of real-time marketing data in cloud mobile reports serves as a robust foundation for optimizing marketing strategies, empowering companies to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive market.

Drive Business Growth With 3 Engines

Promotion Engine : Acquire New Customers


The promotion engine is a highly sophisticated and efficient system designed to streamline promotional activities. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that empowers employees to easily configure and customize promotion rules while conducting effective testing. Once the rules are established, the system operates autonomously, triggering promotions automatically at all points of sale (POS) based on predefined conditions. This eliminates the need for redundant manual operations and ensures consistent and seamless promotion execution.


The promotion engine provides a rich variety of promotion rule types, including 14 preset types and 66 derived variations. Each rule type supports different conditions and priority configurations, granting users immense flexibility and control over their promotional strategies. This versatility allows businesses to create an unlimited array of unique promotions and discounts tailored to their specific needs and target audience.


By leveraging the promotion engine’s capabilities, businesses can effectively shape their brand image and maximize the attraction of new customers. The system facilitates the creation of compelling offers and incentives, which not only entice prospective customers but also foster a positive perception of the brand. This, in turn, enhances customer engagement and loyalty, ultimately driving business growth and success in a competitive marketplace.

Member Discount Engine : Retain Customers

Unleash the power of the member discount engine to bolster customer retention and foster unwavering loyalty. With a diverse range of 9 core types of member discounts and over 100 variations, this engine empowers businesses to captivate customers with innovative rewards. When specific conditions are met, the engine can trigger up to 52 distinct types of rewards and reward points, enabling companies to attract and incentivize customers in unique and captivating ways.


The member discount engine transcends traditional membership services by facilitating seamless interoperability and sharing of membership information across multiple channels. It introduces a wealth of creative membership experiences that break through limitations. For example, the “family membership” model maximizes customer benefits, while a multi-level membership system effectively motivates customers to elevate their consumption levels, promoting overall growth. Additionally, the strategic launch of membership packages cultivates recurring consumption habits, further strengthening customer loyalty.


By harnessing the potential of the member discount engine, businesses can revolutionize their membership programs, delivering personalized experiences that deeply resonate with customers and fostering enduring loyalty.

Coupon Engine : Encourage Repeat Purchases

The coupon engine offers remarkable flexibility, enabling enterprises to design personalized electronic coupon reward programs effortlessly. This capability allows for the seamless creation of attractive coupon plans, effectively stimulating customers’ intent for repeated purchases. The coupon engine seamlessly integrates with the promotion and member discount engines, forging a highly interactive and impactful discount promotion strategy.


With the support of the membership system, the coupon engine capitalizes on the advantages of omni-channel member information exchange. This ensures that customers can effortlessly accumulate and combine points, regardless of whether they make purchases online or offline at any point of sale. Adding to the convenience, customers can conveniently redeem coupons using their existing points through their mobile phones during subsequent purchases. These redeemed coupons can be used directly when placing orders, facilitating a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. This process enhances the convenience of consumption and establishes an efficient and environmentally friendly means for customers and businesses to interact, elevating the interactive experience for both parties.

Efficient Interactions For Elevated Member Care

Within our membership system, we have established a convenient member feedback mechanism to enable companies to promptly listen and respond to member input. We prioritize fostering zero-distance information interaction between enterprises and members, allowing for real-time communication and seamless information sharing. This commitment ensures that both parties can engage in immediate and personalized communication, leading to an enhanced service experience for our valued members.

Attentively Listen To Your Members

To forge a stronger emotional connection between enterprises and customers, our membership system includes essential features like the “What do you think” and “Questionnaire” functions. These functions empower enterprises to gain direct and profound insights into the subtle gaps that may exist between customers’ expectations and their actual experiences. By leveraging this valuable feedback, companies can swiftly identify areas for improvement in their services and take timely actions to optimize them. This proactive approach ensures that customers consistently receive a high-quality experience that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Push Notifications

Using discounts to entice customers into repeat purchases is not only a primary objective of membership marketing but also a crucial revenue generation method for companies. With this in mind, we have meticulously created a discount information column, providing enterprises with an efficient and convenient platform for discount promotions. When customers log into the mobile membership system, they can easily access the latest preferential information released by the company in the member information column, facilitating a seamless and immediate exchange of information between the company and its members. These exclusive offers not only rapidly attract and incentivize customers to make purchases but also foster a sense of belonging and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty.

Optimize Omni-channel Experience

As the market landscape continues to evolve, the efficacy of traditional marketing methods is gradually diminishing. In response, companies are embracing multi-channel sales models and actively pursuing multi-brand and multi-sale marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market. eRun’s membership system is equipped with robust data integration capabilities, enabling real-time sharing of member data across multiple brands and sales channels. This invaluable feature provides extensive support to enterprises in implementing comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategies. As a result, the membership system becomes a key platform for market expansion and sales enhancement, serving as a vital driver of competitiveness for enterprises.

Multi-brand Enterprises

When a consumer is a member of multiple brands within the same group concurrently, it becomes crucial to establish effective communication channels for sharing membership information and consumption records between these brands. Failing to achieve this synchronization would require separate follow-ups from multiple service personnel, resulting in wastage of company resources, including manpower and time. Most importantly, it would significantly compromise the members’ consumption experience, thereby negatively impacting the brand image. Fortunately, eRun’s membership system successfully addresses this challenge by seamlessly connecting member information across multiple brands, facilitating the sharing of group information and member data. As a result, it ensures the continuity and efficiency of services, benefiting both the company and its valued members.

Multi-Point-of-Sales Model

We specialize in offering professional digital loyalty solutions that cater to customers across various industries. Through the utilization of digital technology, we enable the seamless integration of member information across all point-of-sale (POS) systems. This facilitates real-time synchronization and sharing of information and member data within the multi-point-of-sale model, ultimately enhancing the operational efficiency of enterprises. With our solution, your members can enjoy consistent rewards and discounts, regardless of the specific point of sale they choose to make their purchases. Moreover, any updates related to stored value or redeemed points are instantly reflected in real time, ensuring the availability of accurate member data at all times. This enables you to effectively fulfill your service commitments to your members by maintaining precise member information throughout their journey with your brand.

Mixed Mode Business

eRun’s membership system has effectively bridged the gap between catering and retail mixed models, facilitating real-time and synchronized sharing of back-end resources and member information across both modes. This integration enables companies to devise more flexible promotional discount strategies when planning membership benefits, allowing for the sharing of promotion costs between the catering and retail models. As a result, your members can enjoy consistent rewards and benefits, regardless of the specific point of sale they choose to patronize. Additionally, their stored value or redemption points are instantly updated, ensuring a seamless experience. The exchange of member information not only enhances the efficiency of corporate membership management but also guarantees that customers can enjoy satisfactory membership services.

All-in-one solution for POS, Payments And Loyalty

eRun’s system is an all-encompassing solution that leverages intelligent technology to enhance point-of-sale (POS) operations, optimize payment processes, drive sales growth, and elevate customer loyalty.

Scan QR Code to Initiate Membership


With our mobile APP, the process of member recruitment has been greatly streamlined. Retail customers can effortlessly log in as members on the online store, enabling instant shopping access. Likewise, restaurant customers can conveniently place orders by scanning a QR code. The purchase amount is promptly converted into points, which can be accumulated and exchanged for exquisite gifts or cash coupons for future shopping. Notably, the cash coupons can also be transferred as gifts, further incentivizing consumer behavior. Our system not only enhances the shopping experience for members but also creates additional consumption opportunities for businesses.

Table Reservation (For Restaurants)

Our POS system has successfully integrated with OptiTable and Sevenrooms, which are popular table reservation platforms in the market. This integration enables members to conveniently book tables online, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. By connecting with these platforms, we effectively eliminate the risk of losing customers due to busy phone lines. Additionally, members can stay informed about the waiting situation in real-time through our dedicated mobile app. The seamless integration with reservation platforms also relieves catering staff from the tedious task of answering phone calls, allowing them to dedicate more time to providing exceptional service. This not only enhances the dining experience for members but also strengthens customer loyalty and satisfaction.

e-Payment To Enhance Customer Experience

Through seamless integration with retail online stores and F&B delivery platforms, our mobile APP enables enterprises to manage all online and offline orders in a unified manner. Customers can conveniently shop or place orders anytime anywhere, eliminating the need to wait in line. In addition, our POS system seamlessly connects to different e-payment platforms, supporting over 20 electronic payment methods. This empowers members to complete their payments online swiftly and securely. By introducing these digital services, we enhance the overall consumption experience for customers while improving service quality and operational efficiency for enterprises.