F&B - Customer Scan-To-Order

QR codes are getting popular nowadays as more diners opt for using their own mobile phones to scan QR codes to place food orders and pay online, keeping human contact to a minimum.  Customers find QR code easy to place orders for drinks and food.  For restaurants, the codes can help save manpower cost.


eRun offers 4 solutions of customer scan-ot-order to meet the operation needs of different restaurants.


QR code on table

You can choose to stick QR codes on tables or place them on table tents. When diners scan the codes to order and pay immediately online, orders will be sent to the POS system and printed at kitchen printers.  As table numbers are included, food can be delivered right at tables accurately.  With online payment integration, there is no worrying about the code being used for wrong purpose.

QR code on wall

If you are running a fast food or free seating restaurant, you may affix the code on wall.  Customers entering the restaurants can scan the code, pay on phone and wait for turn to get food.  Restaurants may also accept customers to pay at counter with a new QR code of the order bill which will be shown on phone for settlement.

QR code on table slip

Fine dining restaurants choose to print table slips with QR codes and put them on tables after guests are seated.  The codes carry the corresponding table numbers.   Customers scan the codes to place orders on their own or during the meal order additional items any time they wish to.  In this scenario, the code will expire after a pre-set time limit to avoid being misused.

QR code on takeaway flyer

You may also print QR code on promotional takeaway flyer.  After scanning the code, customers will be guided to choose the right outlet either for pick up or delivery before order placing. And with a simple click, customers can pay online and settle the bill.

Mix & match and member discounts

To suit the needs of your marketing strategies, we allow your customers to enjoy the same mix & match, promotion and member discounts, and ensure all bonus points and buying history of your customers are updated real time, no matter on which channels they place the orders.

Full set of cooking method modifiers

With its user friendly user interface, you can pre-set menus easily at back office and it will switch on respective menus for different meals of a day.  It supports a full set of cooking method modifiers for customers to choose.


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