F&B - Mid-size Restaurant

When achieving a state of continuous business growth, mid-size restaurants will be motivated to expand their operations by say increasing shop area. At this stage, new management problems will emerge. Restaurant owners will find themselves need to learn how to manage inventory and control food cost, reach more customers and make use of statistics to drive business.

An integral POS and back office system is then critical to help mid-size restaurant owners and their teams to work in close collaboration for the benefit of business expansion.



Need Analysis

  • Mix and match of any food or drink items to become combo meals.
  • Extremely efficiency in service from placing order to paying the bill, from sharing table to splitting group expenses.
  • Flexible promotion rules to create marketing programs for different meals of the day.
  • Multiple prep stations in the kitchen like stove, broil, dessert and bar etc.
  • Replenish ingredients and wine to ensure enough food supplies.
  • Return customers make up a large portion of sales, need to create loyalty program to drive customer engagement.
  • Integrate with delivery platform to expand sales channels.
  • Restaurant owners need to view business reports any time anywhere to monitor sales performance.


User-friendly, feature-rich, easy and simple installation and updates, help streamline operation and enhance customer satisfaction.
Customer Scan-to-Order
Update menu in real time, simplify daily operations, save manpower yet enhance customer service.
Integrated function that support various credit cards, Octopus, WeChat Pay, AliPay, FPS and Macau e-payment methods.
Loyalty Membership
Support stored value benefits, bonus points, coupon management, automatic membership upgrade, downgrade, activate and deactivate.
Promotion Engine
300+ promotion rules to help drive customer engagement and sales, reduce backlog, launch new products, strengthen product images and develop brand identity.
Kitchen Display System
Modern, eco-friendly, paperless helping kitchen staff to route and track orders effectively, improving quality, accuracy and speed.
Cloud Reports
Access overall business data and statistics on the go with mobile devices any time anywhere.
Delivery Platform Integration
Seamless integrated with delivery platforms like foodpanda, Deliveroo, sending online orders to kitchen immediately and error-free.
Cloud Back Office
Manage and handle all types of work transactions any time anywhere on any devices available.


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