F&B - Integrated Delivery Platforms

In response to the fast-paced urban lifestyle, the catering industry is rapidly expanding its delivery services to cater to the preferences of the new generation of customers, who value convenience and comfort in their dining experiences. However, efficiently managing orders from multiple channels and accurately calculating turnover across platforms has become a challenging task for restaurant managers. eRun provides a seamless integration with popular delivery platforms, allowing restaurants to achieve unified management of online and offline orders and menus. This integration greatly enhances operational efficiency and streamlines restaurant management processes.

Our areas of expertise:


foodpanda, the widely utilized food delivery platform in Hong Kong, offers customers convenient access to order the city’s beloved culinary delights. Seamlessly integrated with the foodpanda platform, eRun empowers restaurants to effortlessly establish their online takeout presence. This integration enables delivery orders to be directly sent to the point-of-sale (POS) system, streamlining the process. Once customers place an order, it only requires a simple confirmation from restaurant staff, and with a single click, the order is printed in the kitchen. This eliminates the need for manual transmission, enhances operational efficiency, and effectively boosts revenue for the restaurant.


To capitalize on the booming online delivery market, catering companies are going to embrace Keeta, another prominent delivery platform in Hong Kong. eRun is quick to follow this trend by partnering with Keeta, ensuring seamless integration between the platform and physical restaurant menus. By centralizing and processing menus in the cloud, eRun eliminates the risk of duplicate data entry and significantly improves management efficiency.


eRun partners with Aigens to provide online ordering service for restaurants to accept takeaway or delivery orders from desktops or smart phones and bill settlements with e-payments.  Under this partnership, orders from foodpanda or Deliveroo will directly go to eRun POS and subsequently to kitchens for production.Customers can order at the online platform anytime and anywhere, without queuing up for waiting.


We partner with Candao in mainland China, enabling eRun to seamlessly integrated with popular delivery platforms like Meituan and Eleme. The integration helps restaurants to efficiently manage multi-channel ordering and provide one-stop delivery solution.


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