Retail - Coupon Management

eRun offers you different types of coupons to boost your business moving forward.

Types of coupons

Apart from cash coupons, eRun allows you to create your own discount or gift coupons. You may even create coupons based on promotion rules like buy more get more or buy more save more coupons to give to your customers.

Issuing coupons

eRun supports you to sell and activate coupons at frontend shops. You may also pre-set coupons as gifts to offer to customers. We also support environmental friendly e-coupons, helping you to draw potential customers from online shop to make purchases in physical store. Just scan the QR code of the e-coupon and it will be accepted.

Managing coupons

At back office, you can easily set each coupon’s value and expiry date and assign unique serial number to avoid cheating. We help you track coupon usage, effectiveness, redeemed and expiry status.

Reports to monitor status

We prepare detailed reports for you to track usage of coupons, knowing real time when coupons are redeemed and their related buying activities, analyzing the effectiveness of coupons in boosting business.


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