Retail - Member Benefits

Our Gift & Loyalty platform is loaded with features to maximize your effectiveness in driving customer engagement and sales. You can pick one or combined multiple programs to build strategies to get the best results : member discounts, bonus points, tier-based loyalty, stored value benefits, birthday rewards or gift redemption.

Consistent member rewards at all sales channels

eRun shares all member information across your whole business network, eliminating duplication work. No matter at which channel your members buy your products they will be entitled to the same discounts and rewards. All bonus points, earned or redeemed alike, will be updated real time. You will always have the most up-to-date member information to fulfill your service commitment to customers.

Benefit your multi-brand strategy

We help you to offer your multi brands a unified approach to customer rewards and incentives.  Your members can earn and redeem bonus points under one single account from any brand of your business, be it a restaurant or retail store. You can also create cross brand rewards programs to level up customers’ buying experience and drive revenue growth.

QR Code helps grow membership

You can simplify the process of member recruitment by asking customers to register as members before placing orders at your online shop. Or at your brick-and-mortar store guide customers to scan QR code to complete member registration.

Service Package

Offer product or service pre-sale packages to your customers and secure cash flow for your business upfront. Pre-sale products or services can be collected or used at any shops. Account balance and usage summary will be updated real time and you can view and check any time anywhere.

Interactive mobile app

Your member customers can view and track account balances any time anywhere while you can send notifications promptly to keep members up to date of your latest offerings, sales promotion or any other special events.

Coupons and vouchers

eRun offers you different types of coupons to boost your business moving forward. You can send cash coupons, coupons based on promotion rules, redeemed vouchers or gift coupons to your customers. Coupons can carry serial number or set to be applicable across the entire company or only applicable to certain categories of products, and with expiry date. You can send e-coupons to let your customers get the rewards by scanning QR codes.

Improve business outcomes by leveraging customer data

Constant improvement is at the heart of all successful businesses. Using analytics to interpret your customers’ buying behaviours and to gain insight to plan future business strategies is therefore vital. eRun provides visual reports of customer visit frequency, biggest spending customers, coupon status etc to measure the effectiveness of loyalty activities. And wherever you are and whichever device you are using, all you need is Internet connection to read and access to a great variety of these analysis reports.


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