F&B - Food+Retail Mixed Mode

The supermarket of integrated operation of catering and retail leads the trend of cross-border marketing in the catering and retail industry. Many well-known retail catering fusion supermarkets select thousands of high-quality best-selling products from Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea to allow customers to achieve one-stop procurement. Meanwhile customers can also enjoy food in the trendy and fashionable snack catering department.


This kind of food and beverage retail integration of supermarkets has attracted the younger generation with its uniqueness, and practitioners are also careful to deploy how to choose POS management system before opening to assist their dual-mode operation, and when customers come and go, they can cope with it easily.



Need Analysis

  • Primary consideration is to adopt a POS system that is hybrid for both retail and catering businesses to reduce duplication of work.
  • Different pricing for different meals of the day at food stall.
  • Flexible food combo setting by promotion rules at food staff.
  • Promotion rules for retail shop to clear backlog or drive sales.
  • Set up self-service kiosk to digest long queue of customers.
  • Real time synchronization of sales information, member buying records and inventory status across the whole company.
  • Sharing of member information to achieve the greatest marketing effectiveness.
  • Integrate with online shop to expand sales channel to reach more customers.
  • Provide cloud reports of both businesses for C-level executives.


F&B and Retail Hybrid POS
User-friendly, feature-rich, mixed-mode of F&B and retail POS, easy and simple installation and updates, help streamline operation and enhance customer satisfaction.
Integrated seamlessly with the POS across the complex business, all data and transactions will be shared real time improving operation efficiency.
Integrated function that support various credit cards, Octopus, WeChat Pay, AliPay, FPS and Macau e-payment methods.
Promotion Engine
300+ promotion rules to help drive customer engagement and sales, reduce backlog, launch new products, strengthen product images and develop brand identity.
Loyalty Membership
Support stored value benefits, bonus points, coupon management, automatic membership upgrade, downgrade, activate and deactivate.
Online Shop Integration
Integrate with online shop to expand sales channel, handle online orders real time.
Kitchen Display System
Modern, eco-friendly, paperless helping kitchen staff to route and track orders effectively, improving quality, accuracy and speed.
Cloud Back Office
Manage and handle all types of work transactions any time anywhere on any devices available.
Cloud Reports
Access overall business data and statistics on the go with mobile devices any time anywhere.
Inventory & Cost Control System
Integrated management of inventory processes including purchase, transfer, replenishment, stock take across the whole business network.


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