Digital Restaurants Redefine Dining With Technology


In Hong Kong’s fast-paced and labor-constrained environment, restaurants frequently encounter the issue of inadequate staffing. To address this challenge, certain restaurants harness the potential of technology by implementing efficient and convenient software systems. This innovative approach to reshaping the dining experience has emerged as a prominent trend within the catering industry.


Undoubtedly, eRun’s food & beverage solutions serve as essential and influential aids for restaurants as they adapt to emerging trends. These solutions, including cloud POS, BYOD ordering, and self-service terminal Kiosk, profoundly optimize operational processes, enhance management efficiency, elevate the customer consumption experience, and guarantee a seamless and efficient digital transformation for restaurants.


Cloud POS : simplifies ordering, maximizing digitalization efforts
In conventional restaurants, busy waitstaff often result in long waiting times for diners, significantly diminishing the customer dining experience and potentially leading to the loss of loyal patrons, thereby impacting the restaurant’s business negatively.


Cloud POS revolutionizes restaurant operations by offering efficient business management solutions for ordering through iPads or smartphones, facilitating seamless digital transformation. Equipped with advanced technology, front-end staff can provide customers with end-to-end services, from ordering to payment, anytime anywhere. Furthermore, the robust cloud backend empowers restaurants to effortlessly manage their kitchen, member information, and promotions all in one place. This streamlined approach enables employees to work more efficiently with less effort while ensuring customers enjoy a faster dining experience.


BYOD Ordering : a customer-favored self-service trend
Implementing BYOD ordering enables restaurants to eliminate the necessity of traditional computer equipment and reduce hardware costs. With customers’ self-service orders sent directly to the kitchen, the potential for errors from manual ordering is minimized. This streamlined and cost-effective operation process allows waitstaff to focus on providing quality service, leading to improved table turnover rates and increased business efficiency.


With a simple scan of the restaurant’s QR code using their smartphone, customers can easily access the menu, place orders, and make payments seamlessly. Additionally, BYOD ordering provides a wide range of personalization options, allowing customers to customize dishes, flavors, ingredients, and more. This extensive customization capability caters to diverse customer preferences, resulting in heightened satisfaction, loyalty, and an exceptional dining experience.


Self-service Kiosk : Enhanced member experience, elevated brand image
The self-service terminal Kiosk system offers customers a seamless and convenient one-stop self-service experience, combining ordering, electronic payment, and instant receipt printing. The synchronization of Kiosk and POS data ensures member customers can enjoy their membership benefits while making self-payments. This allows customers to relish delicious food while experiencing the restaurant’s attentive service, further solidifying their brand impression.


The cloud POS, BYOD ordering, and Kiosk systems effectively address the issue of staff shortage in restaurants while reducing equipment and labor costs, and enhancing the customer experience. Moreover, these systems enable companies to allocate more resources to business expansion, thereby increasing brand value and market competitiveness.