eRun : Empowering Digital Transformation for F&B and Retail SMEs with DTSPP


According to survey data, the Enterprise Digitalization Index in Hong Kong is 35.9. The “Catering & Hospitality Industry” and “Retail Industry” have scores of 35.0 and 31.3 respectively, below the overall average. Large enterprises outperform with a digitalization index of 52.4, while small and medium-sized enterprises lag behind at 33.9.


The data underscores the critical need for digital transformation among SMEs in the catering and retail industry. To address this, the Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program (DTSPP) has been designed to assist SMEs in adapting to the digital age’s challenges. As the preferred solution provider for DTSPP, eRun is dedicated to helping SMEs in catering and retail sectors leverage government subsidies effectively. Our goal is to facilitate successful digital transformation, enhancing business efficiency and competitiveness in the process.


Digital Transformation Revitalizes the Restaurant Business

In the face of numerous challenges in the catering industry, including shifting consumer dining habits, increasing operating costs, and intensified competition, our F&B POS Management Solution offers several advantages to help you overcome these difficulties.

  • One-stop management of dine-in + takeaway service
  • Customer scan to order and pay
  • Seamless integration with all e-payment methods
  • Membership, promotion engine and coupon management
  • Cloud back office and reports
  • Award-winning food inventory and cost control system


Digital Retail Stores : Cost-effective and Efficient
As SME retail enterprises transition towards intelligent operations, their goals include achieving store management automation, facilitating electronic payments and integration with online stores, accessing automatically generated cloud reports, and optimizing operations through the utilization of self-service vending machines. The digital scenario can be accomplished with the assistance of eRun’s Retail POS Management Solution.


  • Rapid deployment of Cloud/iPad POS
  • Self-service Kiosk system
  • Seamlessly connect to e-payment methods and online shop
  • Powerful promotion engine and coupon management system
  • Cloud back office and reports
  • Flexible inventory management with mobile stock take function
  • APIs to provide one-stop integrated management platform


Automated Membership Management Boosts Competitiveness

In a fiercely competitive market, effective membership management plays a vital role in stabilizing the company’s existing customer base and attracting new customers. Explore how eRun’s Membership and Coupon Management Solution solutions can streamline the process by enabling you to effortlessly establish and manage membership promotion plans, all in one centralized platform.


  • Brand-specific iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Integrated with eRun’s F&B/Retail POS System
  • Push promotion information and news release
  • Cloud analysis reports on member consumption behaviour
  • Electronic cash coupons and coupon redemption
  • Facilitate speedy responses to member inquiries


In the digital era, SME restaurants and retail stores face fierce competition, yet the pace of digital progress remains sluggish. As DTSPP’s preferred partner, eRun offers top-tier sales management, e-payment methods, and membership management solutions. Our comprehensive one-stop solutions empower catering and retail enterprises, facilitating digital transformation, enhancing market competitiveness and propelling them towards success.


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