Multichannel Loyalty System Facilitates Interactive Customer Experience


New technologies and innovations change the market, which change consumers’ buying habits and shift their expectations too. Quite a few catering and retail businesses tackle these challenges by providing multichannel selling so that they can continue to be effective at meeting customers’ needs. Fundamental to successful multichannel selling is a centralized member customer database that facilitate interactive customer experience.


Blending online/offline and all other channels’ customer information is important so that at whatever point member customers are buying you can greet them with personalized conversations and will not make their customer experience disjoint. You can also have a better understanding of what your member customers are buying at each selling point and how frequent they buy and what might convince them to make a purchase in the future.


Good customer experience helps gain customer loyalty. Customer members would expect that they can enjoy same privileges and discounts at whatever point they buy. Poor customer experience is they learn that reward offer is invalid at some selling points due to technical incapability. Businesses therefore should have robust loyalty system in place to ensure all member privileges are technically applicable at all selling points, physical or digital environment alike.