e-Coupons For Building Up Loyalty


With the government preparing to reopen Hong Kong’s border with China, Hong Kong is expected to reclaim its image as a cosmopolitan city, welcoming businessmen and tourists from home and abroad to come again for investment or travelling. Influx of Chinese visitors from the Greater Bay Area can have big impact all round, which will boost business confidence that leads to a speedy recovery of the retail and catering industries in Hong Kong.


The economic rebound is said to be an opportunity that no business should miss. This is a good chance to turn casual customers into regular ones. Marketing practitioners are now struggling to find ways and techniques to convert leads into paying customers. Coupon marketing, as a popular marketing strategy, enhances the desire of customers to save money by making purchases. It is therefore important to know how technology can be applied to coupon marketing and help businesses to thrive in the market.


e-Coupon recently has become a fantastic marketing tool that guarantees both seller and customer satisfaction simultaneously. Membership system that supports different types of e-Coupons such as cash, discount, welcome gift, buy-more-get-more or cash deduction will be helpful to assist retailers or caterers to plan their different business goals like increasing sales, encouraging additional purchases or building up customer loyalty.


POS with such a membership system will bring even greater benefits to businesses. Member customers can buy e-Coupons with their accumulated bonus points anytime anywhere on member app and may redeem them immediately upon buying at shops. All these can be done by just one click with coupon usage statistics being synchronized to back office real time for marketing analysis. Such an efficient and eco-friendly distribution of coupon is well received by customers nowadays.


With Chinese tourists from the Greater Bay Area flocking back to Hong Kong, retailers and caterers alike should plan ahead how to make use of e-Coupons for guaranteed results for their companies.