Upscale Gourmet Stores With Inventory Management System


Good Wine and gourmet food are finding their place at Hong Kong people’s dinner tables, no matter they are enjoying sumptuous feast with friends or just having a relaxing drink alone at home. The way Hong Kong people treasure the pleasures brought by drinking good wine with good food in good company fuels the constant expansion and sets the future of wine and gourmet food industry in Hong Kong.


Specialty delicatessens in Hong Kong are widely popular for good reason, stocking a wide variety of wines like champagne, brandy, whisky, red wine, vodka, and unique variety of caviar and other finest delicacies. Store owners of these high-end designed gourmet shops need smart iPad POS to help them manage and control well the inventory and cost of high quality food and the tastiest wine in their shops.


Fine wine and premium food are expensive and play a big role in your profits. To avoid a potential loss in revenue, you will need to ensure you have a food inventory and cost system integrated with your POS to help you spot problems right away. For example, it is not easy to monitor the inventory and calculate the cost of wine which can be breaking up by the glass and by the bottle. Or to track the costs and margins of mixed drinks with spirits. Smart inventory system, however, can automatically pull in daily sales from POS and purchases from back office to calculate for you the corresponding costs of wine by glass, by bottle and its serving portions in cocktails. And of course, update inventory as well.


The way you use a food cost and inventory management system is limited only by your imagination. The one developed by eRun had won the Smart Business Solution for SME Gold Award in HKICT Awards 2018. It introduced new capabilities to revolutionizing food and wine cost control with creativity.