Takeaway Service Helps Restaurants Protect Revenue Under Pandemic


Amid surging fifth wave, Hong Kong government has further tightened social distance measures including no dine-in service after 6 pm. The public responds to the severe measures pro-actively. As customers are cautious about going out to eat, rush hour at lunch is also affected. Office workers either bring their own lunch boxes to work or rely on restaurants’ takeaway or delivery service.


It’s not uncommon to find restaurants recently put up big size of QR code in a conspicuous place to let customer scan to order. After placing orders with their own smart phones, customers can choose to pay online or at cashiers.


Some restaurants distribute flyers with QR code at areas of high pedestrian flow. Office workers back at the office with the flyers can order lunch by scanning the code. They can specify time to pick up or use delivery service, prepay or cash on delivery.


POS carries QR code scan-to-order function has the ability to assist restaurants to handle table service and takeaway orders effectively at the same time. Menus of both services can be easily managed at back office. Adding or deleting food items and changing prices can be done ahead, avoiding panic rush due to tight schedules or short of hands. And this technology of QR code facilitating takeaway service helps restaurants to protect revenue during the pandemic.