Partnering foodpanda to Become An Omni-channel Restaurant


The restaurant industry is going through an unprecedented difficult time.  Restaurants owners are finding new and different ways for their customers to order, pay and get their meals.


foodpanda, as one of the most downloaded Apps in town, is having a large customer base which will help caterers grow their revenue and enhance publicity.  No wonder restaurants are aspiring to become an omni-channel restaurant by partnering with foodpanda.  On the other hand, with more restaurants joining the platform can offer a wider range of choices to consumers.  The business ecosystem of it will then provide advantages to all, achieving a win-win situation.


POS that is seamlessly integrated with foodpanda will help restaurants maximize the benefits from joining the platform.  The integration will allow back office to handle ordering, payment, delivery, membership and marketing all in one go, greatly improving work efficiency.


Real time synchronization will update menu of both sides in a minute whether it is an item deletion, addition or price change.  Orders placed by customers will be sent directly from foodpanda to POS followed by kitchen printing, speeding up food preparation.  Food delivery is managed by the platform’s professional delivery fleet which ensure that consumers will enjoy fast and satisfactory service.  With tedious work being put in the hands of a professional team, restaurants can free up more time to focus on growing their bottom lines.