Leverage Technology To Let Customers Use Points To Redeem Coupons


Under the ripple effect of the reopening of borders, we continue to see a rebound in various industries. And in April, the Hong Kong government will distribute consumption vouchers again to stimulate consumer sentiment. The cumulative effect is expected to bring new vitality to the retail and catering industries. In order to attract customers and capture loyal members, shops and restaurants are striving to make all their sales points, online and offline alike, the first and most important place for customers to use the new round of consumption vouchers.


Eye-catching product events can attract customers. But if you are able to leverage technology to provide thoughtful membership services that will facilitate buying.


Take a clothing store that has completed digital transformation as an example. Intelligent membership system facilitates member information to be shared between physical store and online shop, allowing customers to earn and combine points wherever they buy. Logging in the membership system on their own mobile phones, customers can check their unused coupons, coupon usage history and also redeem coupons with their own accumulated bonus points. These thoughtful services truly let your customers enjoy the advantages of being your members.


How can product events attract attention? You can try launching new clothes that customers will be excited about and offering a “buy one, get one at 20% off” coupon for customers to use. As it is always not easy to resist a bargain, customers can act fast by redeeming the coupon and settling the bill with the coupon immediately on their phones. The whole process is smooth and hassle-free.


An intelligent membership system like this can help retailers and restaurants link up all selling channels, offering meaningful benefits that win customer admiration.