eRun’s 3 Engines Help To Drive Promotional Activities


In a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, it was found that 40% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) generate 50% or more of their turnover from Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities. A quarter of SMEs have already expanded or are considering further expansion into the GBA. The progress of the Greater Bay Area drives dynamic economic growth, attracting enterprises from diverse industries to strategize, compete, and enhance their market position. These businesses capitalize on the region’s opportunities to strengthen their presence and achieve long-term success.


In such an increasingly competitive market with evolving customer demands, SMEs require intelligent, practical, and multi-channel promotion strategies to effectively market their products and services. Whether you are operating in the F&B or retail sector, eRun’s three engines : promotion, loyalty, and coupon engine can assist you in devising robust promotional plans, enabling you to effectively compete with larger enterprises and seize significant market opportunities with ease.


Promotion Engine Acquires New Customers
The promotion engine is a streamlined and efficient system equipped with a user-friendly interface, enabling back office staff to effortlessly set up promotion rules and conduct performance testing. Rules are automatically activated across all POS on multi-channels with a simple keystroke. The system offers 14 rule types, resulting in 66 promotion variations, each with distinct conditions and priorities. As a result, it allows for the creation of unlimited unique promotion and discount activities, helping businesses to foster a robust brand image that maximizes the acquisition of new customers.


Loyalty (CRM) Engine Retains Customers
With 9 essential types of member offers, over 100 variations and up to 52 types of rewards or reward points available upon meeting specific conditions, a diverse range of rewards can be utilized to engage and incentivize customers with varying preferences. eRun’s loyalty (CRM) engine facilitates seamless exchange of member information across multiple channels, revolutionizing traditional approaches and offering innovative membership services like “family membership” to optimize customer revenue and membership packages, fostering ongoing customer engagement and ultimately enhancing customer loyalty.


Coupon Engine Stimulates Repeat Spending
Coupon engine offers limitless flexibility in designing coupon rewards and is compatible with mobile devices, allowing businesses to effortlessly plan e-coupon programs and effectively drive repeat purchases. It seamlessly integrates with the promotion and loyalty (CRM) engine, facilitating the creation of highly effective interactive offers. With member information shared across multiple channels, customers have the flexibility to earn and combine points seamlessly across both online and offline POS platforms. They can also conveniently redeem coupons using accumulated points stored on their mobile devices, place orders for goods, and complete transactions using the redeemed coupons. This smooth and uninterrupted process provides customers with a unique and interactive experience when engaging with businesses.


Toal Experience For Multi-users
By leveraging cloud infrastructure and real time technology, companies can optimize the setup of promotion and reward rules in the backend and effortlessly distribute them across all sales channels, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks. As customers buy on multiple shopping channels, the central database guarantees precise point calculations and maintains a comprehensive record of point adjustments. This empowers customers to consistently benefit from promotional advantages across any channel, resulting in a seamless and enhanced customer experience.


The collaboration of eRun’s three engines aims to optimize the effectiveness of promotions, enhance the experience for both employees and customers, and fuel the growth of your businesses. The three engines also can assist SMEs in bringing fresh ideas to their marketing efforts in the local and GBA markets.