eRun x NetSuite x Introv One-stop F&B Management Solution


Good Wine Needs No Bush. Having good quality of food, best ambiance, excellent customer service will definitely help restaurants to attract new customers and make them stay loyal.


Competition in a Digital Age
As most restaurant owners would agree, restaurant survival depends on the ability to stay competitive as the world becomes ever more digital. Yet, digitalization has reshaped competitive dynamics in the catering industry, presenting new challenges to restaurants. Rather than only focusing on food quality or ambience, adapting business activities, processes and competencies to new digital methods to increase efficiency and keep up with rapidly-changing market demands is now the way to win the competition.


Complexity of Catering Business Operations
From raw materials purchasing to food preparation, from table to takeaway and delivery service, catering process is stressful. And during the processes of meal serving, order placing, kitchen printing, bill paying to cashier EOD, it is not easy that every time everything goes well. Other common complications in setting menu, controlling inventory, managing membership and promotion campaigns, hiring staff, preparing analysis reports and maintaining accounting accuracy that restaurant owners often face will hinder their abilities to continuously generating high profits. Today’s most successful restaurant leaders have recognized that a powerful and highly integrated management system is crucial to support business operations and maintain competitive advantage.


POS ERP Integration
Restaurant leaders nowadays aim to use digital systems to improve efficiency and grow the top line. POS monitors frontend sales transactions, manages inventory process and offers customer experience. ERP monitors business resources and automates back office functions like purchasing, finance, accounting and human resources management.


Both POS and ERP provide values in managing restaurant business in digital era. But they are separate systems. Only through a seamless integration can we remove barriers between them and create a streamlined process simplifying operation workflows, making restaurants run smoothly and helping restaurant owners to optimize business results.


eRun x NetSuite One-stop F&B Management Solution
POS ERP integration has become a new strategy for restaurant to gain an advantageous edge over its competitors. eRun and Introv, an Oracle NetSuite 5-star partner, now jointly provide POS ERP integration to enable restaurants to maximize the benefits of each.