eRun Kiosk Injects Energy Into Retail Operations Across All Scenarios


The term “kiosk” originated from Turkish, where it originally referred to an unattended newsstand positioned along the roadside. Over time, its meaning has evolved to encompass the concept of self-service. This concept is realized through the integration of software products and self-service terminals, resulting in the creation of self-service equipment. Users can conveniently place orders for products or services by directly interacting with the touchscreen interface.


Self-service machine-assisted cashiers are extensively employed in various retail application scenarios. These scenarios encompass a wide range of general retail stores such as convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, community pharmacies, daily necessities stores, supermarkets, and chain stores. The integration of merchants’ POS systems and Kiosk devices goes beyond their roles as mere cashier and accounting tools. It establishes a comprehensive cashier solution by combining the two, thereby enhancing checkout efficiency and providing merchants with advanced data management support.


eRun ensures effective synchronization of Kiosk and POS data, enabling seamless processing of POS and Kiosk product management in the backend cloud. This integration facilitates centralized management of inventory, members, and orders. Our Kiosk equipment features QR code and barcode recognition capabilities, enabling customers to swiftly access product information. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates various payment and cashier methods, including Octopus, credit cards, and different e-payment methods, allowing customers to independently complete their shopping and streamline the payment process. The Kiosk devices also come equipped with a built-in receipt printing function, eliminating the need for additional computers and providing customers with a convenient and comprehensive self-service shopping experience in one location.


Our retail kiosks boast a sleek and minimalist design that seamlessly blends into diverse applications. These devices offer high-definition product displays and deliver an intuitive and user-friendly interactive experience, enabling users to quickly adapt to self-service operations. By utilizing our kiosk, businesses can improve order accuracy, effectively reducing errors caused by communication issues and minimizing customer wait times at the checkout counter. This not only enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also attracts customers, resulting in improved retail performance. Additionally, the kiosk facilitates management analysis, product tracking, traceability, and other vital functions, contributing to overall business management.The eRun POS + Kiosk cashier solution delivers a streamlined, precise, and customized retail experience, invigorating all types of retail operations.