Dim Sum Specialty Shops Transitioning To New Restaurant Technologies


Dim sum is a huge part of Hong Kong’s unique heritage and also a big part of our diet. The very best dim sum specialty shops in Hong Kong that earned Michelle stars have maintained their superb quality in food by using well-executed cooking techniques and premium ingredients, and are great spots to showcase Hong Kong’s famous dim sum culture with deliciously reasonable prices.


Staying competitive in the market, dim sum specialty shops nowadays on the one hand reinvent contemporary ways to offer stomach-filling dim sum to attract dim sum enthusiasts, and on the other hand strive to digitalize the businesses of their restaurants with a strong focus on enhancing operation efficiency.


Yum cha enthusiasts flock to dim sum specialty shops for one thing : dim sum made by hand comes fresh out of the steamer, all about ingredients and timing. And just because of this, restaurant halls are full of anxious people while long queues are formed in front of the take away stalls. Specialty shops want to digest the queues need intelligent POS system to help improve speed of service, from placing order through managing table to paying the bill.


To ensure accurate routing of kitchen slips to specific stations in the kitchen, dim sum specialty shops also need robust kitchen printing capability of the POS or use digital kitchen display system to manage cook times and speed of service. It also helps to streamline workload of orders from delivery platforms which are integrated with the POS. Some specialty shops do not resist waves of modernization. They allow customers to use scan-to-order mobile app to place orders themselves, saving frontend staff workload and helping to turn more orders and seat more guests as well.


There is no denying that dim sum occupies a special place in the city – and in our hearts. While dim sum specialty shop owners strive to offer Chinese cuisine with a strong focus on enhancing the natural flavours and freshness of food, they are also rolling out new restaurant technology to make dim sum business more efficient, easier and tastier for dim sum lovers.