Boost Restaurant Growth With Table Booking System


As a global metropolis, Hong Kong is characterized by its fast pace of life. It is therefore quite annoying to waste time queuing for a table at a favourite restaurant. Diners would rather go somewhere else which will lead to restaurant losing revenue.


To make catering business successful, restaurant owners are always endeavoring to enhance customer experience. Good to know that modern technology helps them address the issues concerning queuing for a table. Table booking system was born in response to let restaurants manage reservations and reduce queuing. It helps to get rid of answering to tedious and boring booking calls and avoid losing business due to telephone line is busy.


More positive to enhance your brand is to integrate the table booking system with POS system. This will allow booking information synchronize between the two systems, saving you from duplicate entries. Member customers at table booking system can directly be converted as your member customers. As you can access the customer data you can analyze their consumption behaviour to formulate better target marketing strategies.


Customers are happy to see restaurants accept online table booking because they do not have to wait in queues any more. Using the online system customers can also check and view their history booking records or even dishes they ordered – a personalized approach to induce customers’ intentions to visit your restaurants again.


OptiTable and Sevenrooms, two widely used table booking systems in the market, are seamlessly integrated with eRun POS System to control the flow of guests, manage tables with ease and help restaurants to boost revenue.