Valentine’s Day Combo Selling Helps Florists Build Efficiency


Valentine’s Day is still one of the largest spending events in the depths of a global pandemic. Of all the Valentine’s Day gifts out there, flowers are a top classic choice.


Male customers aren’t cutting back much when it comes to celebrating their loved ones. Flower prices can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the floral quality, type, and size they choose.


Some florists will provide a small selection of fresh-cut bouquets at standard price. However, some gentlemen who wish to surprise their beloved may want a bespoke bouquet with unique and artsy Valentine’s flowers. Some customers accept the flowers to be wrapped in Kraft paper but some would like to have them delivered in vast. At the peak of such a special occasion, florists need to satisfy a great variety of requests and at the same time well control inventory and cost.


How to increase sales and build efficiency becomes a key issue of florists. Combo function on POS allows florists to sell a standard price combo of flower selection of customer’s choice. Top up cost will be added to the standard price automatically when unique flower type or other gift products like chocolates are selected. And through BOM, delivery cost, cost of wrapper and gift card will be included in the total cost of a bouquet.