eRun’s Customization Service Is Highly Commended By Customers

F&B Retail

Latest digital technologies are speeding up traditional companies to transform their business models and build new revenue sources to help improve operation efficiency and competitiveness.


In the process of reengineering, enterprises face different challenges. Many companies are still running a number of software applications, each taking care of one or two aspects of business operations. These disconnected processes do not enable accessibility or easier sharing of data and will give rise to manual input causing human errors and duplicate records.


Like restaurants and retail businesses, to remain competitive they need a robust POS with advanced APIs to integrate with emerging software solutions such as delivery platform, booking system, online shop, membership system and ERP solutions which will improve efficiency and provide them a mobile presence to meet consumers’ changing demands. However, that integration is rarely smooth, very often time-consuming and can be expensive to implement.


With ample knowledge and experience integrating different technologies and systems, eRun POS is the POS that can provide integration and customization to help you enhance your business and customer experience. Recently, we are honored to receive high commendations from 4 customers on our customization service. They are most satisfied with eRun for great quality, excellent service, highly efficient and reasonably priced. At front end eRun POS helps customers to achieve a five-fold improvement in work efficiency while at back office it reduces workload of 3 staff members. They all indicate that they have no hesitation to recommend eRun to companies in their industries.


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