Cloud POS Helps Grow Your Profit In HKBP Expo


The annual large expo for local products, Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo, will be held at Victoria Park from 9 December this year until the New Year’s Day of 2023. The expo has been serving as a large-scale leisure activity for the general public with hundreds of booths giving bumper offers and heaps of giveaways.


This well-known event offers a platform for manufacturers to promote their renowned brands and quality products ranging from health foods to premium frozen meat, dried seafood packets, small home appliances and baking materials. With the social distancing measures of Covid-19 being suitably relaxed, the expo is bound to boost foot traffic.


Retailers participating in the exhibition are looking forward to getting more sales. They need to think well ahead and get prepared. Using iPad POS in the show will save counter space. They should preset promotion rules up to a number that can effectively stimulate consumers spending. E-payment methods can help process payments faster and make queue shorter.


Adopting cloud back office in the show is a sound choice. Booth helpers can use mobile stock take app to easily check inventory level of best-selling items. When replenishments are needed they can immediately send stock requests to management for approval by the cloud office installed on their mobile phones. Or, retailers may choose the auto-replenishment function to ensure there is always sufficient product supply on site.


Cloud reports on mobile phones allow you to check real time sales statistics any time anywhere, giving you details on how to adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner winning more sales in the expo.