The HKICT Gold Award System Opens Up Endless Possibilities for Managing Food Cost


As businesses recover, restaurants are ordering ingredients more frequently than they did a year ago. They may receive batches of ingredients in different units and quantities, including condiments, wine, vegetables, meat, and semi-finished products. What methods can restaurants use to efficiently and accurately keep track of their inventory? If the kitchen unexpectedly runs out of an ingredient, how can they address the situation promptly? Conducting routine inventory checks manually can be burdensome and challenging. And if the boss asks for an inventory and cost report, can you provide him without delay?


In the era of data, restaurants may face various obstacles when managing their inventory, such as unclear tracking of product inflow and outflow, disconnected databases, complicated inventory checks and difficult accounting for the finance department. However, these challenges can be addressed by implementing digital inventory management tools.


The cost and inventory system developed by eRun for the F&B industry was awarded the SME Gold Award at the HKICT Awards in 2018. The system streamlines inventory and cost management with advanced operational logic. It enables bulk input of inventory data through Excel import/export, provides up to five levels of production recipes, precisely records daily food material consumption, monitors inventory levels effectively, and uses a cloud replenishment process to ensure adequate ingredient supply at shops or warehouses.


The system is equipped with a mobile stock take function that enables real-time uploading of inventory check results to back office, and generates cloud-based reports instantly. Analytical reports on raw materials consumption, purchase, replenishment, and current inventory levels across your business and all shops can be viewed on any mobile device. This feature enables you to accurately manage inventory and cost and make timely adjustments to business strategies, boosting restaurant profitability.