Small Retailers Tap On SaaS POS To Restart Business


Social distancing measures in the city were finally eased. People headed out for Easter weekend brightening up retail market expectations.


Restarting business is never easy for small retailers as it requires some start-up capital. Yet, strikingly we find a wave of small retail stores playing around showing that buying activities began to regain vitality. It could be benefited from a continuous decline in shop rental in many parts of the city, giving small retailers confidence to establish strong base for business.


Some of these small new retailers sell household items. Some are florists while some sell retail food like frozen yogurt, ice cream and candy. Others sell health food or pet food. Using SaaS POS helps them cut the amount of initial investment and at the same time modernize the way they run the business.


Just paying a few hundred dollars a month retailers can enjoy using SaaS POS in a minute as installation is simple with functions including POS, basic membership and sales reports. Hardware that needed will be an iPad, a receipt printer and a cash drawer. Shop owners may choose to use e-payment to avoid cash contact or e-receipt to stay environmental friendly. In such case, what a small retail shop needs to start business is only an iPad and the rental POS software. For those who wish to connect with their online shops, they may consider paying a little more for O2O integration.