Restaurants Embrace Technology And Stay Strong


In Hong Kong’s highly competitive catering market, challenges such as labor shortages, high costs, and criticism of service quality persist. Additionally, there is a trend of Hong Kong residents traveling north for consumption while mainland brands expand into the market. Local restaurants find themselves in a bottleneck situation. While some restaurants have lost interest and withdrawn, many others remain steadfast, relying on technology to enhance food quality, service standards, and implement smart pricing strategies. By doing so, they aim to retain customers and stage a comeback.


eRun’s cloud-based F&B System, which has earned the HKICT Gold Award, boasts several smart features to help restaurants overcome their existing bottleneck difficulties.


Customer Scan-to-order and Pay
This feature efficiently tackles the challenge of staff shortages in restaurants, reduces customer waiting times for orders, enhances the self-service experience through electronic payments, and increases the table turnover rate to optimize restaurant operations.


One-stop Membership System
Restaurants can seamlessly interact with members through a single platform, guaranteeing a consistent and unified membership experience across all channels and platforms. The three powerful membership discount engines empower restaurants to design effective discount strategies, maximizing customer acquisition, strengthening loyalty, and driving repeat purchases.


Online Reservation
The online reservation system offers customers a quick and convenient way to book their tables, while also freeing up catering staff from the time-consuming tasks of traditional reservation services. This allows staff to focus on providing customers with a better overall experience.


Seamlessly Integrated with Delivery Platforms
Expand your restaurant’s reach by listing it on popular delivery platforms. This will increase your visibility to potential customers and drive more orders. Additionally, our cloud-based system allows you to manage all your orders, both online and offline, in one place. This streamlines your operations and improves your efficiency.


Food Inventory and Cost Management
Our cloud-based system makes it easy for chefs to order ingredients on their mobile phones. This ensures that the restaurant always has a sufficient supply of fresh ingredients on hand. Additionally, managers can use mobile reports to track food costs and adjust menus as needed. This helps to prevent losses and protect the restaurant’s profits.


Don’t let the trend of Hong Kong residents traveling north discourage you! There’s a booming market of affluent tourists from mainland China who are eager to spend in Hong Kong. By embracing technology to enhance your service and product quality, your restaurant can thrive. You can even take advantage of the Greater Bay Area’s integration to expand your reach and build your own brand in the north.Take your restaurant to the next level with eRun’s smart F&B System. Whether you’re staying in Hong Kong or expanding north, our system can help you achieve your goals.