QR Code Helps Grow Membership


Recently, many industries are shifting towards digitalization. Retail and catering industries which are structured around the daily life of consumers are moving even more quickly. Generally, business in these two industries is challenging. Enterprises facing the fierce competition must try their best to build customer loyalty as this is key to growth and helps improve bottom line.


To build customer loyalty is to know your customers well no matter which omni channels they come from. This requires using digital technology to turn customers into members, collect their personal information and recognize important patterns in the shopping behaviors of them which then helps formulate effective marketing strategies.


How can you take it in the first step to recruit members? In this digital age, retail businesses have various tools to simplify the process of member recruitment. On online shop you may ask customers to register as members before placing orders. At brick-and-mortar store your staff may guide customers to scan QR code to complete member registration.


Following, you need to integrate together POS, membership system and online shop. This will enable you to capture omnichannel behavior of what your members buy, how members like your discount offers, how often members come online or go to your stores to buy. When all this actionable data is synchronized together you are ready to generate more relevant recommendations for future loyalty reward programs.


A fully integrated customer loyalty solution digitally help you grow membership, capture behavioral data and customer insight, make effective decisions to boost business and secure profits.