One-click Order And Pay Payment Integration Helps Enhance Customer Experience


Webinar on 11 Nov 2022


As technology advances, more restaurants are turning to digital tools that help them foster positive customer experience and remain competitive. ePayment is one of the tools that goes mainstream.


Paying with a smart phone upon online ordering has been gaining momentum within the restaurant industry. eRun and BB Merchant Services Limited (BBMSL) jointly organize a webinar to discuss how seamless integration between POS and online ordering system with payment platform can help restaurants to streamline payment process and run their businesses more efficiently.


Date : 17 November 2022 (Thursday)
Topic : One-click Order and Pay
Payment Integration Helps Enhance Customer Experience

Speakers : Ms Eva Ng, Associate Sales Director, eRun Systems Limited
Ms Twinkle Wong, AVP Payment Service , BBMSL


The webinar will be conducted in Cantonese.


Those who join the webinar will enjoy the following discounts :
1. 10% off of first-year annual fee of eRun Self-Ordering System;
2. BBMSL will waive HK$4,500 set up fee upon registration of both online and office service.


Join us and interact via Q&A to see how digital tools help you thrive in the new connected era.


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