How to Apply for the Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme (DTSPP)


The Hong Kong government is set to introduce the “Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme (DTSPP)” with a substantial fund of HK$500 million to assist small and medium-sized enterprises in the retail and catering sectors with their digital transformation efforts. The application process for this programme is about to commence, and retail and catering companies are actively preparing to secure subsidies of up to HK$50,000. eRun, an approved solution provider under the DTSPP, possesses extensive practical experience and is well-equipped to offer professional and tailored digital transformation solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. This ensures that they receive effective guidance and support throughout their digital transformation journey.


eRun’s 4A retail and catering management solution, with its excellent convenience and applicability, can be used Anytime anywhere, on Any device, and on Any platform, ensuring that it is suitable for Any retail shops and restaurants.


It is noteworthy that eRun has achieved remarkable success and demonstrated its innovative spirit by winning two HKICT Gold Awards for Business Solutions (SME) at the prestigious HKICT Award. This achievement serves as solid evidence of our industry-leading position and exceptional capabilities.


We understand the crucial role that DTSPP application plays in driving corporate development. As your trusted partner, we are fully committed to assisting you in successfully applying for the DTSPP. We will make every effort to deliver the most precise and efficient solutions, enabling you to effectively seize the opportunities presented by digital transformation and achieve significant advancements in your business.


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