Flexible Menu Management Meets Restaurant’s Diverse Ordering Needs


During holidays and festivals, there is a significant increase in consumer demand, and restaurant owners aim to be well-prepared to greet a large number of customers who can rapidly place orders and take advantage of current dining promotions. A smart menu management system can help achieve these objectives and enhance restaurant efficiency, which is essential for restaurants to leverage holiday business opportunities.


To meet market demand and increase restaurant sales, it’s essential to pre-set menus flexibly in the POS system. For instance, during the July 1st holiday, some restaurants offer designated dishes or a 29% discount on the entire bill, while some chain stores have a special July 1st Handover Meal Set at a discounted price. It’s important to note that some chain stores offer discounts across all their locations, while others participate only at specific locations. Therefore, different restaurants, periods, or sales points have specific ordering needs that require intelligent technology to support complex menu management.


If you own a small food store or a chain restaurant, eRun’s intelligent menu management system can assist you in rapidly setting up exclusive menus and discounts. The system has a versatile menu update mechanism that allows you to pre-set a variety of menus in the system and specify the effective date and time for automatic updates. This simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing for any marketing scenario within a restricted time frame.


The system allows the same menu to be priced differently on various channels, including delivery platforms, different stores, and areas or floors within the same store. Chain companies can also set price differences according to regions to meet business operations or marketing needs. Flexible menu management can provide customers with quality ordering services while improving the restaurant’s operational capacity. Efficient operation can lead to a significant increase in restaurant sales.


Are you interested in saving time and effort while creating appealing menus? Would you like to seize new catering business opportunities effortlessly?