eRun Integrated Global Payments A920 POS to Support All Consumer Vouchers Payment Methods


The Hong Kong Government decided to issue another $10,000 consumer vouchers this year to encourage domestic consumption.  According to a survey by Lingnan University of Hong Kong, consumers generally used the consumer vouchers in supermarkets and retail stores, while the rest in restaurants, department stores and online marketplaces.  This showed that both retail and catering industries did enjoy substantive benefits brought by the consumer vouchers.


Compared with online marketplaces, physical stores are much more easier to enhance customer shopping experience as they offer live product views, adding human element to attract consumers to visit stores and discover new things.  To seize this opportunity of getting more sales stimulated by the consumer vouchers, physical stores should get themselves ready to offer as many e-payment options as possible.


eRun is seamlessly integrated with Global Payments A920 POS which supports all consumer voucher e-payment methods with one machine, eliminating the time and effort to set up multiple machines and simplifying front desk work.