Empowering Omnichannel Success with Intelligent Back Office System


Driven by artificial intelligence and the post-pandemic era, the integration of online and offline channels in multi-channel marketing has become the most seamless and convenient way for consumers to make purchases. In order to succeed in implementing omnichannel marketing, businesses need to effectively integrate and manage product details, member information, transactions, inventory, and promotional rules on various channels. These time-consuming tasks often burden employees and create pressure within the organization. Therefore, introducing intelligent systems to enhance management efficiency and optimize employee experience has become crucial for the successful implementation of omnichannel marketing.


Many companies recognize the importance of improving employee experience and its impact on business outcomes, and how it significantly enhances their competitiveness. To assist businesses in achieving this goal, eRun has designed a user-friendly backend central management system. This system automates repetitive and cumbersome business processes, seamlessly connecting all business functions, and only requires operation information and data to be entered once for all channels.


Through cloud and synchronization technology, data interoperability across all channels is achieved, allowing real-time updates to all POS points. This eliminates the need for employees to switch between different platforms for repetitive tasks, minimizing manual operations and reducing the likelihood of human errors. With efficient and automated central management, employees can easily communicate and collaborate across departments or teams, even when working remotely due to climate or transportation issues or under work from home policy.


By enabling employees to work effortlessly and efficiently, the system frees up more time and energy for them to serve customers with a positive attitude. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction, which in turn enhances profitability.


The implementation of a smart central management system helps businesses digitize and automate their omnichannel operations, optimize employee experience, and improve work efficiency. These factors are crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving better business performance.