Elevating Employee Experience Boosts Operational Efficiency


According to industry survey data, numerous companies utilize multiple system platforms for internal management. Approximately 70% of surveyed corporate employees reported wasting over an hour daily switching between these platforms, while around 56% of employees expressed concerns about reduced work efficiency due to information search across different platforms.


In the digital era, companies are increasingly focused on providing a customer-first experience across multiple channels. This requires employees to constantly switch platforms and update data to enhance customer experience. However, this repetitive and time-consuming process can overwhelm employees, leading to decreased efficiency and potential business failure. Ultimately, decreased efficiency impacts customer experience negatively.


Statistics indicate that approximately 66% of employees favor a unified platform for communication and collaboration, enabling streamlined business processes across all company departments.


To accomplish this objective, eRun’s retail and F&B management system focuses on three key design strategies :


Automated central management boosts efficiency, reduces employee work load
In the era of remote work, real time data synchronization is crucial. Seamless connectivity is required across various business management platforms, enabling employees to access information based on their access levels anytime, anywhere. Intelligent central management system automates repetitive processes and seamlessly connects all business links, facilitating seamless collaboration between frontend and backend teams. Central management system eliminates the need to switch between platforms and devices, enabling users to easily participate and work efficiently in a series of business processes.


With cloud-based operations, back-office employees from any department can access member information, set promotion rules, discounts, and coupon privilege details, formulate promotion plans, check product inventory levels, and coordinate product allocation between stores and warehouses. By one input at the central back end, employees can efficiently update information across channels, ensuring data consistency, accuracy, and providing a streamlined digital work experience.


eRun’s 3 Engines help to attract and retain customers across channels
To stay competitive, companies must cultivate strong interactive relationships with customers across diverse channels. An omni-channel solution, offering a holistic experience, enables companies to meet customers’ multi-dimensional needs. Utilizing a unified platform for physical stores, online stores, mobile sales, and direct store delivery facilitates effective planning of promotional activities, leading to success.


eRun features a promotion engine, loyalty engine, and coupon engine, empowering enterprise employees to create diverse promotion and reward rules. These engines can be deployed across channels and geological outlets, reducing repetitive work. Customers’ points and records are automatically synchronized to the central backend when they shop through different channels. eRun’s three major engines cater to the multi-channel consumption needs of customers in the digital era, while enabling easy and efficient management of multi-channel marketing for corporate employees.


Streamlined employee experience with one-stop cloud management, half the effort
Through innovative use of cloud-based mobile devices, eRun establishes seamless connections between corporate marketing platforms. This approach aims to prevent the negative impact of complex and disconnected work experiences on sales, inventory management, and the order process.


eRun offers seamless integration capabilities, enabling companies to connect employee front-end operations with ERP systems, financial systems, or other third-party business systems. This allows employees to conveniently access and utilize corporate data through the cloud backend, facilitating one-stop management. With cross-device interaction and simplified business processes, productivity is enhanced, providing employees with a constant online presence, and enabling efficient work management.