Cross-border e-Payment is Essential for Tourists Enhance Positive Customer Experience


Hong Kong holds the distinction of being the favored destination for outbound tourists from mainland cities. Business owners from F&B and retail industries did their best to provide high quality services so that they could build a good reputation among mainland tourists which would give their business a boost.


Cross-border payment is an issue that cannot be ignored when mainland tourists come to Hong Kong for consumption. In the past, tourists needed to go to exchange shops in advance to exchange Hong Kong dollars for consumption. In recent years, Alipay HK and WeChat HK have become popular in Hong Kong. Mainland tourists can now download the two apps for payment. Yet, they still need to bind the app account to a Hong Kong bank account or credit card before using it, which is relatively inconvenient.


If cross-border e-Payment can support Alipay and WeChat wallets that mainland tourists usually use in their hometowns, customers will naturally feel no difference from consuming in their own country. The convenient payment method will speed up payment processing and probably will help retailers increase their reputations.


eRun POS seamlessly connects to various online payment platforms and is able to support over 20 e-Payment methods, including UnionPay, UnionPay app, Alipay and WeChat wallets which are familiar to mainlanders. Cross-border pay processing is therefore made easier and retailers do not need to worry about losing customer loyalty for the reason that no cross-border e-Payment methods are available for Chinese tourists. In addition, eRun also supports local e-Payment methods such as Octopus, FPS, Payme, Alipay HK, WeChat HK, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, almost fully covering all e-Payment needs of vast majority of consumers.


If you would like to expand your business to Macau market in the Greater Bay Area as well, eRun can further assist you with its integrated Macau Pass and MPay, the two e-Payment methods commonly used in Macau.


Come and talk to our business consultants and learn more how eRun can help you engage with your customers by various connected e-Payment methods.