A Robust Membership System Fuels Business Growth And Success


In today’s demanding business landscape, it is vital to prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, obstacles such as limited membership services, reliance on traditional paper coupons or cash coupons, and restricted functionality of cashier systems can hinder the effectiveness of promotions and discounts.


To overcome these challenges and enhance operational efficiency, it is crucial to embrace digital transformation for in-store business and customer management. In a highly competitive market, implementing a comprehensive and efficient membership system offers significant advantages, ensuring the ongoing success of your enterprise.


Effortlessly manage all members, all in one place
eRun’s revolutionary membership system seamlessly integrates member information from various channels, providing instant access with a simple click. Our all-in-one platform empowers members to effortlessly access their information, points, membership grades, and historical data, both online and offline. This integration significantly enhances the member experience and streamlines corporate service efficiency.


With this platform, you can effectively execute targeted member marketing campaigns and analyze data to gain valuable insights into member preferences and shopping habits. This comprehensive understanding allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Armed with this knowledge, you can optimize promotion strategies and tailor events to precisely meet member needs, ultimately boosting member satisfaction and fostering loyalty.


Three engines, boundless engagement, elevating customer experience
eRun’s membership system features three robust discount engines that fuel targeted marketing, boost member engagement, and cultivate loyalty. These engines serve as the foundation of the system’s effectiveness.


The Promotion Engine offers a range of 14 promotion rule types and 66 variations, allowing for the creation of customized and targeted promotions that attract new customers. This exceptional flexibility enables businesses to tailor promotions to specific customer segments and align with their unique business objectives.


The Membership Engine provides 9 essential membership benefit types and 52 reward and point schemes, motivating member loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. It also cultivates a vibrant community and fosters active engagement among members.


The Coupon Engine utilizes eco-friendly electronic gift and cash coupons to encourage repeat purchases. It crafts personalized discount and reward programs, serving as a potent adhesive to enhance customer loyalty. Additionally, it strikes a balance between meeting customer preferences for direct rebates and implementing cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses.


Experience the connection: POS, e-payments, and membership system
Our membership system facilitates effortless interoperability between online stores, takeout platforms, and offline channels. Regardless of whether members choose in-store dining or online buying, they can consistently enjoy membership benefits and services. Additionally, the POS system seamlessly integrates with electronic payment platforms, enabling swift online transactions. This cross-channel integration strategy not only expands the business scope of retail stores and restaurants effectively but also greatly enhances operational efficiency, providing customers with a smoother and more convenient consumption experience.


Embrace feedback, Enhance services through member input
eRun’s membership system encompasses a dedicated information hub that facilitates seamless communication between businesses and members in real-time. This hub ensures members stay informed about exclusive offers, promotions, and company updates. Moreover, the system incorporates interactive features such as “Your Opinion” and “Questionnaire,” enabling businesses to gather invaluable feedback and insights from their members. This feedback loop fosters continuous service improvement and cultivates a strong sense of community and belonging among members.