Promotion Engine to Capture Retail Market Share. So Easy!


Based on the latest statistics from the Hong Kong government, retail sales in April have rebounded to over 90% of pre-pandemic levels, marking five consecutive months of growth in retail sales. Given the competitive market, promotions are a powerful tool for retail businesses to generate profits and gain an advantage. Smart businesses have always recognized the value of promotions and used them to acquire new customers. However, the objectives of offering promotions and discounts can vary, from promoting new product launches to clearing inventory.


To meet these varied goals, businesses need a robust promotion engine that can efficiently and easily achieve different promotion objectives. The promotion engine offered by eRun provides 14 types of promotion rules, with a total of 66 promotion variations that can be combined with different conditions and priorities to generate limitless promotion rules. This allows enterprises to select the types of incentives that align with their promotion goals, simulate and assess the results of the rules before deploying them to different channels through real-time synchronization. 


The promotion engine can be triggered automatically at all touchpoints POS according to predefined conditions, enabling unparalleled digital promotion management. The 14 types of promotion rules include :


  • Product discount
  • Category discount
  • Buy more get more
  • Buy more discount more
  • Quantity discount
  • Spend discount
  • Member discount
  • Shop discount
  • Coupon
  • Discount card
  • Promotion period
  • Tiered spend discount
  • Tiered quantity discount
  • Tiered specific product discount

In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, leveraging technology tools to offer diverse promotion incentives is key to success. eRun’s promotion engine can help retail businesses acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and incentivize customers to make repeat purchases, leading to sales growth and enhanced customer satisfaction. By utilizing the engine, businesses can achieve maximum impact and reap significant benefits for their operations and growth.