eRun x Vantis x NetSuite – Driving Competitiveness & Efficiency


As personal incomes increase, individuals are placing greater importance on their personal appearance, leading to beauty and skincare products becoming indispensable in their everyday lives.


The rising consumption aspirations of the younger generation have also become a primary catalyst for the growth of the beauty and cosmetics market. Their diverse needs, personalized preferences, and consumption behavior have fueled the omni-channel expansion of the industry, leading to increased sales volume and customer engagement compared to traditional marketing methods. However, this growth also poses challenges in managing businesses effectively within the industry.


Effective management of purchases, inventory, membership marketing, and other crucial aspects is essential for retail stores that sell beauty and skincare products. The integration of online and offline channels adds complexity to this management process. However, implementing an intelligent front and back office management system can automate and streamline the entire operation process. This seamless connection between the point of sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems eliminates the need for employees to switch between multiple systems or platforms, resulting in reduced errors and significantly improved management efficiency.


By ensuring real-time synchronization between POS and back-end ERP system, the accuracy of operational data is guaranteed. This empowers employees to effectively maintain product quantities in line with customer demand. The comprehensive inventory management capabilities of this front-end and back-end system efficiently handle invoicing, sales, inventory, financial data, and member information across all online and offline sales channels. These capabilities provide valuable insights into overall store operations and enable timely adjustments to marketing strategies, leading to improved efficiency.


The collaboration between eRun and Vantis, an experienced ERP supplier, provides a comprehensive solution for addressing management challenges in the beauty and skincare industry. By combining an intelligent front-end POS system with a robust back-end ERP system, eRun and Vantis effectively meet the needs of various enterprises in the industry. Vantis, widely recognized as a premier partner for Oracle NetSuite, awardee of many years’ ERP Best Customer Success Award and backed by more than two decades of experience in implementing ERP solutions, seamlessly aligns with eRun’s mission.


Leveraging their extensive industry knowledge, eRun delivers efficient smart POS solutions tailored to the unique requirements of different businesses. The integration of eRun’s smart POS and Vantis’ all-cloud NetSuite ERP system seamlessly combines powerful features, including procurement management, inventory management, sales management, and financial management. As a cloud-based solution, it grants users convenient access to the database from anywhere and at any time through an internet connection.


This partnership offers holistic digital management solutions that encompass both software and hardware components, catering specifically to the distinct needs of retail companies. By infusing marketing vitality and enhancing competitiveness, eRun and Vantis collaboratively empower businesses in the retail sector.