eRun Retail System

eRun Retail POS System is a complete retail management system


It integrates POS, promotion management, purchasing, stock take, CRM and business performance reports. With user-friendly interface, the retail POS system increases the effectiveness of operation in different businesses. eRun uses real-time data transmission technology to ensure synchronization of all transaction data and related information throughout the retail network.  Its related modules are flexible for extension to meet the needs of retail businesses in different scales.


The least keystrokes design and simple system flow makes eRun an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn retail POS system.  It supports various input methods like hot keys, keyboard & mouse and barcode scanning.  The system can flexibly adapt to different retail businesses from fashion, shoes, cosmetics, wine, optical, household products to snacks and even florist shop.

Frontend POS Functions :

  • Direct sales and deposit
  • Different prices/mix & match selling
  • Easy frontend stock level check
  • Selling by weight using a scale
  • Promotion engine and discount rules
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Thermal of A4, A5 receipts
  • Suspend, resume and void bills
  • Deposits and Delivery
  • Salesman performance record
  • Real time all-shop stock check
  • Partial or full stock taking
  • Printing of labels at frontend
  • Multi-level authority control
  • Detail record of EOD discrepancy
  • Full set of sales reports
  • Issue member card at frontend
  • Support product/member image

Benefits of Using eRun :

  • Diversified functions to streamline operation flow
  • Rich data available for decision making
  • Complete CRM management to retain customers
  • Apply new technology for long term development
  • High scalability to save early investment cost

A Retail POS which is realtime synchronizing with its back office

eRun Retail POS uses real time data transmission technology to ensure complete synchronization of all transaction data and related information across shop POS, main office and warehouse.  The technology simplifies the back office workflow and stock management, allowing efficient operation throughout your whole business network.


It pulls together four key functions of back office and is flexible for extension to meet the needs of retail businesses with different scales.

A Retail POS with CRM which leads to membership growth

Robust rule engine that boosts membership

You can set to offer your members with benefits on special dates or according to spending amount and frequency.  The system allows gaining of bonus points by referral, further helping you to maximize your business opportunities.

A Retail POS with analyzer that makes raw data understandable

The daily transaction data collected from the frontend POS of various business outlets are transferred to the backend analyzer.  After integratin and thorough analysis, the data is organized as comprehensive statistics for management to make wise decisions.

A Retail POS with promotion engine that stimulates consumers spending

The rule types include discounts by :
  • Designated product
  • Designated category
  • Buy more get more
  • Quantity
  • Purchase amount
  • Member
  • Shop
  • Coupon
  • Discount Card
  • Promotion period
  • Level amount
  • Level quantity
  • Level specific product
  • 1st X% off, 2nd Y% off
This is a user-friendly platform to support you with an easy-to-use interface to set promotion rules. At POS settlement, the promotion engine will calculate and apply the appropriate discounts or privileges to customers according to the preset rules.  The discount percentages, discount prices or free gift offers are then listed clearly on the customer receipts.
The engine is fully automatic, providing all-round and comprehensive promotion rule types that allow you to formulate a wide range of promotion activities.
The engine is also empowered with great flexibilities in specifying rule priorities, effective date, restrictions, multiple all on and exclusiveness. You can set as many as hundreds of rules and let the engine to run automatically.

A Retail POS that has hybrid solution of Client/Web Server

eRun offers chained retail businesses with flexibility that they can run a hybrid solution of Client/Web POS to ensure all their consignment counters, exhibition booths and bargain outlets have complete POS services.  All business data can be transferred to the backend office efficiently in real time.

Improve your business with these supportive modules

Mobile Payment

We speed up your payment process to boost your market competitiveness. We support multi-currency payments, various types of credit cards and mobile payment methods including : the 4 wallets of WeChat Pay and AliPay for HKD and RMB, Octopus, FPS, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Octopus Payment

Being an octopus authorized contractor, eRun provides octopus payment service by connecting either directly to Octopus or through internet service providers or banks.

Barcode Management

You can set your own SKU according to industry preferences. You can include category, supplier number, colour, size or other attributes of the product in the barcode.

Attendance System

Staff attendance details can be input with smart card or through staff login by user ID and password.  It records working hours and calculates the number of overtime hours.

We have a total solution for you

eRun strives to provide the best solutions to meet your unique needs. It is our pleasure to share with you our experience in using F&B and retail management system. There is no obligation. Just call us for a demo and let us tell you in details how eRun can help expand your business.
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